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Is there a beauty ‘hack’ that you just can’t hack? No matter how often you try to ‘hack’ it? I have one which I am terrible at, and no matter how many times I am taught by the experts, I’ll never hack it. OK totally aware I have overused the word hack. For me, this is curling my hair using straighteners. Am I just completely incapable of being able to twist my hands at the correct angle to create waves? Or is it that my hair just doesn’t want to play this game?

I sat down a couple of weeks ago with Lucy Richardson from ghd, who shown me step by step how to create a nice natural wave using the new ghd Platinum styler. The ‘no compromise’ styler’ aims to create effortless style, with a tri-zone technology to straighten, curl and style which reduces heat damage. Breakage is reduced by over 50% and shine is increased by 20%, making this my favourite ghd styler to date. Lucy did a lovely job of creating beautiful waves in my hair, but unfortunately, once at home all by myself, my awkward arm actions can’t cope with the mechanics of this trick and I remain with straight hair once again. But not to worry – the above photo is how my hair looks with a quick 60 second once over with the ghd Platinum styler, and as you can see it looks smooth, healthy and sleek…

I didn’t actually own the ghd Platinum at this stage, however after the event it did get me thinking about investing in some quality hair tools, which led me to discover a new beauty store to shop online which I am now currently obsessed with. I trawled the internet for luxury haircare retailers and now have found my new addiction, and obviously, in true WhatEmmaDid style, I share with you my new love! Introducing the Urban Retreat Beautique – an ultimate beauty and lifestyle online store for all those luxury brands and products. The Urban Retreat Beautique actually has a bricks and mortar presence in Harrods, but with living in Manchester I rarely get chance to visit. The Beautique¬†specialises in sourcing the best and most coveted brands, with roots firmly born out of salons therefore focusing on those more professional brands.

I was able to shop the ghd brand over at the Urban Retreat Beautique, but I was also happy to find I could browse the new collection of Cover FX over at the makeup category– a foundation brand I am absolutely desperate to try out. They also retail the selection of Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder, which has got some excellent reviews and is another product range on my ‘to try’ list.

As most of you will know, I spent the majority of 2013-2014 in Sydney, Australia, and it was whilst I was over there I learnt about the beauty brand Chantecaille. My housemate used to use their foundation, and when I looked at the ingredient list included in the foundation I was pleasantly surprised. For example, the concealer contains Olive oil and Tamanu Nut Oil to nourish and hydrate, plus Chamomile, Green Tea, Orchid extract and Wild Rose to heal and protect the skin.

I’m a sucker for premium beauty brands, and it’s nice to find an online beauty retailer which not only specialises with some of my favourite premium brands, but also specialises in brands that are yet to be discovered full scale in the UK. A lovely website to bear in mind for the upcoming Christmas shopping season for those friends and family members who deserve a precious treat!

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