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I don’t want to spend too much time in January with posts about life goals, changes and resolutions, but hey, it’s a topic that everyone is thinking about right now and it’s only natural to be sharing how we want to progress and succeed. But I’ll change this post up a little bit. Instead of talking about all my personal aims, I actually got thinking about another topic which is quite important to me, and it comes from seeing a competition online which focused on the nations kindest heroes.

Holiday comparison site recently ran a #HolidayHeroes search, in which they set out to find someone who deserves the title of a ‘Holiday Hero’. People were able to nominate friends, family or simply anyone who they felt had carried out amazing work in their community, had a successful volunteer role that has made a massive difference to others, or just for being an amazing friend or raising money for charities in their local area. 9 members of the public were nominated, but the one winner, Charlene, won due to her tremendous contribution and hard work with RockUs Choir, a┬áchoir that supports local charities as well as bringing people together so they can enjoy singing and creating new friendships together.

So this got me thinking – would I be worthy of a nomination as someone’s #HolidayHero? I think I would be maybe to some of my nearest and dearest, but it gave me even more of a reason to be much more kinder, more giving, more generous, more charitable and in general, just to be a super good person throughout 2016.

I feel that when I cast my mind back to previous years, I have stepped up to the mark on various occasions. I used to volunteer one day at week at Oxfam stores, dressing the windows and giving the store fronts a fresh new look. I put a lot of hours into this over time, using my fashion experience for a good cause. I always donate and support friends and family who fundraise, and always take part in any charitable causes. On the other hand, I’m a helpful and supportive friend to all my friends and family when they have had troubled times, I’m always that open ear who is there for everyone, and I never let anyone down.

But… what could I do to become more of a personal hero in 2016? Because there is always more you can give, right? Hopefully in this new year, I’ll take on a fundraising opportunity of my own, like arranging a sponsored hike or 24 hour walk to raise money for a charity of my choice. I could launch a dress over at my dress boutique where all the proceeds help out a cause that is close to my heart, or I could donate all the samples of dresses I don’t end up retailing for my clothing brand and give them to people who need them.

So who are my personal heroes? I guess it’s a question I don’t think about too often. I mean, we all need an inspiration, right? But how many of us just get caught up in the celebrity world and don’t look past the inspirational body, or the ‘face goals’, or the style icon?

Ask me that question this time last year and I would have spun out some names like Alexa Chung, Taylor Swift, Candice Swanepoel and Miranda Kerr. Ask me why and I would have said they have perfect faces, hot men in tow, bodies to die for and a life I’d kill for. But seriously, that doesn’t define a hero. Sure, they are successful and beautiful women, but now I would answer with the surgeons who save people’s lives, or the parents who bring up the most loveable children who are severely disabled but remain strong and full of positivity. It’s the people who help the homeless, the people who do the Three Peaks Challenge for charity, and those who donate organs to save peoples lives.

Or I could go really personal – my Mum and Dad are my heroes for always being there for me, always being behind me throughout all my life decisions, and knowing they constantly love and support me. My twin sister because she has achieved a PhD – something she put all her blood sweat and tears into to achieve her dream.

So who would your hero be? Who deserves to be a winner in your eyes?

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