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Hooray! It’s been two weeks since I have been focusing on eating a little more cleaner, lowering my sugar intake, drinking more water and keeping up my fitness regime. In all honesty, I haven’t gone in guns blazing – as you know I am currently taking part in the DW Fitness #FitnessRevolution 40 Days of Fitness challenge, which see’s me maintaining my exercises daily, and I have just been making a conscious effort to be eating more raw, clean foods.

I’m still heavily on the carbohydrates, and I have the odd piece of cake and chocolate when offered to me, but over all, I’ve been keeping my foods fairly clean. So to inspire some of you lot out there, I decided to put together a little list of things I’ve been doing to help me on the straight and narrow…

healthy eating

1. Ever get that sugar craving at 11am? Or if not so early, the 3pm sugar crash? Put down the chocolate bar and bring in a slice of healthy flapjack from home! I have started having a slice with a cup of coffee everyday as my ‘bad snack’ – and it’s not even bad! Mix 1 1/2 cup of oats with 2 mashed bananas, a handful of almonds, sprinkling of pumpkin and sunflower seeds and a tablespoon of coconut oil. Bake for 15 minutes and voila – sugar free flapjack made with goodness!

2. I can’t quit carbohydrates, so I still work them into my meals but try to mix them with fresh, healthy foods too. Sometimes I have porridge with soya milk for lunch, with plums or pears thrown in, and a handful of nuts. For my dinner, I have been having a lot of gnocchi, with chopped up avocado, tomatoes, spinach leaves, tuna, onions and peppers. The more colourful, the better!

3. As I mentioned before, I’ve been doing the DW Fitness 40 Days of Fitness Challenge (check out my original post about this here). It has involved  fun mix of exercise regimes and healthy eating tips to promote 40 days of fitness, and hopefully with the view to continue the good efforts after the time period is over. I’ve been upping some of the regimes by adding weights- sometimes just adding an extra 4kg to my work out pushes me that little bit more. I’m currently using up a couple of days left at my old gym, before swapping to DW Fitness ideally after I’ve been enjoying the advice and tips they have been providing me…

dw d

4. I’m a self-confessed Green Tea junkie. I drink around 5-6 cups a day, and I would have more if it didn’t make me need the toilet all day! I recently discovered a new variation which I’ve been making an effort to drink at work – introducing Tetley Super Green Tea ‘Boost’, with lime and Vitamin B6. It helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue, which is always something I suffer with. It tastes lovely with the touch of lime, a lot better than the lemon versions. If you are also in need of that constant boost but want to avoid a shot of espresso, I suggest purchasing a pack! I’m really enjoying drinking this, plus Green Tea is an antioxident and speeds up the metabolism.

green tea

5. Facial time! Nothing beats a spot of pampering, and no face masks beat Montagne Jeunesse. Whilst trying to look after myself and my skin more, I’ve been using the extensive range of face masks from this popular skincare brand. From Hot Spring Sauna to Red Earth Clay Spa, these little packet masks come in generous sizes and successfully draw out impurities, soften the skin, and smell fantastic! I’m currently loving the Dead Sea Mud Spa, which uses rich seaweed and kelp to help revitalise my skin and add some nutrients back in. With prices as low as £1, these make great little gifts for friends too.

face masks
face masks
face masks

6. Last but not least – I’ve been cleansing! But not the usual way. This time, I’ve been cleansing the Moroccan way! The selection of cold-pressed juices from Moroccan Cleanse are at the forefront of health and beauty, bringing the best of Moroccan traditions in beautifully-packaged bottles.

Laura Dupiol is the founder of Moroccan Cleanse, and has spent a long time researching the health-giving and beauty enhancing properties of Argan oil and other equally beneficial ingredients used by her own grandmother to finally be able to produce these amazing juices I’ve been drinking. The added nutrition ‘spikes’ in Moroccan Cleanse blends are what makes these juices a Super Juice, which come in 2 sizes- 250ML and 500ML. I’ve been drinking one of these on my half an hour walk to work in the morning, kick starting my body with a selection of natural goodness.

My favourite so far is the ‘Doux Green’ – a concoction of Pear, Romaine, Fennel, Spinach, Lime and Rose Water. With a mixture of Green Juices, Protein Juices and Root Juices, there is a version for everyone to enjoy.

moroccan cleanse
moroccan cleanse
moroccan cleanse
moroccan cleanse
Have you been working through any healthy eating or fitness regimes? If so, please do share your tips! Always love to hear what everyone else is getting up to…

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