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I thought I’d put together today’s blog post as I’m way overdue a little life update, and to be honest, I think a lot of people get confused with what I’m currently up to. My friends, fellow bloggers and even family can sometimes think I’ve given them a recent update, but life happens so fast and opportunities come (and go!) that it’s easy to fall behind.

In a nutshell – my Instagram page tells a very true tale of my life and whereabouts. For those who follow me and regularly watch my stories, you’ll see I’m usually split between working on creating content for brands at home, at wedding venues or clients houses doing makeup, or covering events all around the UK, be it restaurant reviews, fashion launches, shows, or wherever.

And that’s because I recently became my own boss, a full time influencer, realising that I could no longer commit to working for any other companies. has truly became its own business, and for that I am over the moon.

It would be an understatement to say I have worked my ass of for it. I’ve worked my ass, legs, belly, arms and head off for this since 2010. I would come home from my career as a PR Manager and get stuck into the world of What Emma Did until the early hours. And when weekends approached, I’d fill with excitement about spending it shooting blog photos, filming, writing, covering events…. you name it.

And lets not forget my career as a Makeup Artist. I trained up almost 7 years ago, and since then, I have been squeezing in bridal makeup appointments whenever time gaps allowed. But now, I spend many day times and week nights heading off to bridal trials, and now I can even agree to take on brides who get married in the week.

So, what now for the full time influencer, blogger, content creator and makeup artist, what does the future hold?

I honestly don’t know, but I know one thing: I’m set to be my own boss forever, because I’ve never enjoyed working as hard in my life. Knowing every bit of blood, sweat and tears (late nights, expensive coffee meetings and bombing up and down the M6 for events or weddings too) goes into my own business, my future and my livelihood has made me the happiest I have been ever.

I now wake up everyday smiling. I hop out of bed and literally rush down to the stairs to make my breakfast and mug of green tea. I know that I now control my days – the day doesn’t control me.

However, I’m under no kind of illusion that this is an easier life. In fact, it’s 100 times harder and I’m still quite new to this full time #GirlBoss world. I have to make sure I earn enough to sleep well at night, whether that means doing a 7 day working week, or doing social media in my sleep…

And the good news is, as I continue to work harder and grow my business, there are plans for even bigger and better things, like the below:


I’m already realising that I desperately need an assistant to come with me on all bridal makeup jobs, to be filming my clients and taking the before and after photos, to be doing live social media work whilst I’m on-the-job. I could do with a set of helping hands when it comes to YouTube editing, or even photography editing.

It seems a long way away yet, but growing my team and having more of a ‘company’ around me is ideally the way forward, although I haven’t even looked at the HR side of things yet. Sure, HR software can make your life easier if you work in the industry, and I hope to be able to develop more of a staffing situation in the near future.


As much as I love being an influencer and makeup artist, writing articles, taking photos, filming, makeup and being a content content creator on a daily basis, I feel there are more creative and business skills to me that need to flourish. I once ran a lovely little dress boutique, which hasn’t officially shut down, its just ‘on pause’. I’m hoping to dip my toe into the beauty world, perhaps some sort of launch associated with cosmetics. But we’ll see…

Develop Hobbies

There is no denying that since making this move, my work-life balance has dramatically improved, although it isn’t quite where I want it to be just yet. But I’ve found I sometimes can break off during the day and indulge in some baking, or going for walks, and I’ve even started going to classes at the gym – something I’ve never been able to fit in.

Perhaps the better I get at managed my new setup, I can look into other things. Gardening, reading, learning a new skill. I’ve always wanted to learn how to do eyelashes on clients, or spray tans. And hopefully, it will now be easier to fit these things into my schedule.

I just want to dedicate this last paragraph to all my readers and followers and those who know me who have supported me from the start. Without people out there encouraging me and enjoying my content, I wouldn’t have been able to do this. I can’t put it into words how thankful and appreciative I am, and I just hope I can continue providing insightful content for you all…

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