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The bedroom is a place of rest and relaxation, or if you’re anything like me, you’ll occasionally work in there too. Although you shouldn’t and that’s really really bad… so don’t take any tips from me there!

It’s the one room that will eventually sends us into a deep slumber, therefore it’s important to make sure you enjoy it’s surroundings.  Interior designer Julia Kendell told House Beautiful recently that ‘the focus for 2018 will be on functionality in the bedroom’, which brings me to question: how exactly do we use this space that is constantly referred to as our sanctuary?

For me, it’s all within two thing: the furniture and the colour scheme. I tend to spend a lot of time browsing furniture retailers online first for home inspiration, such as Hudson Furniture whose interior styling and key pieces I adore.

Well it turns out the bedroom is quite the hub of activity these days – we’re spending more time in it and we’re doing more activities in it – because we’re treating it as our haven; as a place of calm, and for some of us, the only room where we can get some peace and quiet. So looks like a lot of you do prop your laptop up in bed and use it for working too! Naughty…

I did a little bit of research and spied these key trends for bedroom decor for 2018. So take a little read if you are due to update yours…

1. Wellness Theme

Wellness for the home has emerged as a standout trend that focuses not just on what we buy, but how to curate a happier and more mindful space. For a soothing bedroom that promotes relaxation and re-calibration, decorate in soothing shades of lilac and grey, and go for tactile fabrics and introduce sleep-promoting scents like lavender.  I’ve been updating my own bedroom with some real pretty duvet covers and pillow cases from Vaulia, which retail some modern styles and lovely duvet cover sets

To help disconnect and re-energise, keep screen-time to a minimum and weave in 10-15 minutes of meditation twice a day.

2. Textures and Materials

Conservative design with modern clean lines is currently defining the contemporary bedroom furniture market for 2018. Highly tactile, textured handles are being considered for depth and character, with integrated accessories such as full length mirrors and lighting being built-in to the front of wardrobes for added value and practicality. Grey Oak and Blonde woods are key for all bedroom furniture.

In terms of more traditional bedroom design, this style of décor is taking a “less is more” approach with visually quiet,  clean lines being used to create a timeless feel, even in the modern home. It’s less over-the-top decorative prints, and more transitional shapes, colours and designs.

3. We’re buying bigger beds!

Research from the Sleep Council’s 2017 Great British Bedtime Report revealed that more people are buying bigger beds. The number of respondents who bought a king sized bed increased from 20% in 2013 to 32% in 2017, indicating a change in consumer behaviour. Sales of standard doubles still make up the bulk of sales (47 per cent).

So make sure your bed is dressed all pretty, and invest in a Queen or King bed if you have the budget. Your bed should be the main shout in your bedroom, the biggest highlight, so a large, squishy, comfy one is key! I’ve been dressing my bed with lots of fresh whites and creams, or with accents of greys, and by carefully picking a clean, crisp style, it’s instantly improved the look of my bedroom.

4. Imperfectly made beds

Ancient Japanese tradition wabi-sabi is the 2018 interiors trend that celebrates authenticity and imperfection. A simple way to achieve the wabi-sabi look is through an imperfectly made bed, which lends a relaxed and casual look to your bedroom.

While hygge has dominated as an approach to interiors in recent years, 2018 is all about wabi-sabi, which is an easy, carefree concept to apply. Wabi-sabi finds beauty in imperfection. Life isn’t perfect, our homes aren’t perfect – and that’s okay.

What’s important when following the wabi-sabi way is authenticity, staying true to oneself and celebrating life’s flaws. Beds can messy and crumpled rather than primped, plumped and tucked. Homes are homely. Natural fabrics, frayed edges, uneven surfaces and unfinished asymmetrical objects are commended and brought to the fore.

5. The bedroom meets luxury

Practical and indulgent features such as a pull-out tea tray that disappears when not in use, slim line link drawer solutions, leather interior inserts and felt-lining are a prerequisite in the bedroom for 2018.

Creating an added sense of luxury through form and function is where we will see the most development. Simple touch control operation and integral lighting systems, along with custom-made accessory space for belts, shoes, jewellery and integrated media device power points are all key considerations for the bedroom this year.

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