Fashion: Dressing For The Gym and Workout Motivation

I don’t know if you’re similar to me in any way, but I have this thing where what I wear when heading to the gym actually has an effect on my work out performance. No seriously, it’s like a mind thing! When I turn up to the gym feeling like I look good, it’s like I’ve been given some super power.

I’ll be honest – its been a while since I invested in new workout wear. I’ve been wearing a number of my favourite leggings, crops tops and hoodies for the past 12 months now, and I’m actually getting bored of them. Maybe that’s been contributing to why I’ve been putting off working out a little, or perhaps its half of my explanation as to why I’ve not been feeling revved up when I’ve been heading to my gym.

I’ve been little a little sluggish with working out recently, and feeling bored and ‘to used to’ my gym wear definitely isn’t helping. Although another reason is potentially my vitamin and mineral levels, and lack of getting a solid eight hours sleep.

My diets been quite poor lately, with running around for the daily grind and grabbing lunch and snacks on-the-go. I’ve started turning to supplements this month to give me a boost – like multivitamins and protein shakes- so at least I know I’m optimising all the vitamins and nutrition as much as I can.

It’s the same way that men have to supplement themselves when they feel like they are struggling at the gym. For instance, men who need a faster recovery from the gym, or struggle with sleeping, often benefit from taking a testosterone booster supplement.

Some have the immediate function of allowing greater muscle mass, while others merely help to block estrogen agents. Either way, it’s a popular choice for achieving goals when you need that boost…

Anyway – I’ve just broken out of my sluggish gym mode due to these sassy new gym leggings I’ve got. I’m a huge fan of the side stripe trouser trend that’s big at the moment with fashion – you know like those wide leg trousers everyone seems to be wearing with stripes embroidered down the sides? Or, leggings and lounge wear sets too, that have that elongating stripe running down the side.

I found a pair of leggings over at Pocket Sport which look classic and understated, yet with a stylish twist, with a statement white stripe along the sides.

I can be quite an awkward one when it comes to workout leggings, in terms of my shape and size. I’m a petite girl who usually takes a size 6, but I’m not denying I’ve a little bit of a backside to me (that’s where all my food goes!) yet my waist is pretty tiny. Whenever I try on cheaper, low quality leggings from High Street stores, I always get them pulling on the bum, yet bagging around the waist. Eurgh.

However, these black and white Impasto leggings , which retail at £47, literally feel like second skin and sculpt to my body perfectly. From browsing the website and getting a feel of the brand, I had a feeling I wasn’t going to be disappointed.

Luckily, these leggings are made from a breathable and quick-drying fabric, and feature exactly what I need – a high-rise waist. Even better, it’s an elasticated high rise waistband with an inner rubber grip, so there isn’t any chance these leggings are going to be bagging or slipping down. Even when I squat (and that’s when I squat, as I seriously need to up my game…)

For the photos here, I’ve teamed them up with a crop top, and I feel like my belly is actually safely in tact and I actually have a much more flattering shape, thanks to the fit and style of these leggings.

It’s crazy how much better I felt when I rocked up at the gym wearing these – I was so in need of feeling like I looked all fresh and new at the gym again! It’s funny how we feel that, isn’t it…

I had another browse of the Pocket Sport website and spotted some lovely long sleeve work out tops too, and some cute, colourful crop top style sports bras. They’ll be next on my list to complete my outfit…

The brand Pocket Sport is a London active wear brand, with TV star and fitness inspiration Louise Thompson as the co-founder. So you might see her familiar face behind the brand!

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  1. James B. Jarratt
    July 23, 2018 / 7:23 pm

    As a male, I can still relate to what you say regarding the way you think you look affecting your motivation and performance, Emma. Women are so fortunate in having a huge choice in well fitting gym clothing ( and clothing in general ) compared to the choice available to men. For example, if I buy a polo type shirt to fit my chest size ( 40 ) the waist on that shirt will be far too big and loose for me ( 32 inch waist) . Not a good look at all. Spend lots of time getting a trim waist, only for it to be concealed beneath a huge excess of material !
    You look completely gorgeous, Emma. By the way, have you sculpted your cheeks? How beautiful !

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