Lifestyle: The Banana, Oat and Nut Flapjack

Today’s post is very similar to a food inspired blog post I have produced before on here, but I wanted to update it slightly. I love sharing any healthy food recipes, and the point of this little post is to make everyone more aware that you can infact eat biscuits and flapjacks everyday that are healthy and good for you! Introducing my own creation which is the most simple and yummiest baking I have experienced…

banana flapjackTo create a delicious baked flajack which is completely refined sugar free, all you need is a combination of bananas, oats, nuts, seeds and coconut oil butter. Optional additions can be 100% natural peanut butter, cacao nibs or anything else in general you’d like to add for extra taste. It is literally so easy and tastes so sweet, yet has no sugar in it and is full of superfood goodness.

Simple mix together a cup of oats, 2 mashed bananas, a large sprinkling of nuts (almonds are my preferred), trail mix seeds, and a tablespoon of coconut oil butter. Add in any extra’s at this point too. Grease a baking tray with coconut butter and bake for 15-20 minutes. The final result is a super sweet, crunchy and oaty flapjack, just like the shop bought versions but without the syrup taste. Syrup is really bad for you so you do not need this! Keep away – bananas and coconut oil butter provide enough sweetness to give you that sugar kick.

Ta-da… thank me later when you skin and general health is loving you for giving it a refined sugar break!

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