Lifestyle: 4 Things To Do In May

So far, the rain and wind that May has brought with it has massively disappointed me. May is meant to be about Spring blooms, the start of the sunshine, fresh air and blue skies! That aside, here’s a round-up of lovely things to do and shop for in the month of May…

afternoon tea
what emma did

pot kettle black
1. Find a new favourite place for Afternoon Tea. It’s a lovely way to head out and catch up with friends or family, and it’s such a good excuse for a girly get together! With the Afternoon Tea trend getting more and more popular, there are so many new places popping up everything specialising in this yummy lunch treat. My recent favourites in the Manchester area are Rosylee Tearooms, Sugar Junction and The Midland Hotel. You can see my review of Rosylee Tearooms here – I always find booking an Afternoon Tea session such a ‘Spring Time’ thing to do.

2. Start shopping for Summer holidays! I have just booked Barcelona for a girly hen weekend in July and I am super excited. It’s never too early to start shopping for the basics. The What Emma Did Boutique recently sold out of the Aztec Print Playsuit – it was such a popular little number for girls shopping for beach holidays. You can’t go wrong with an on trend printed playsuit, but seeing as I’m waiting to get this item back in stock, my second favourite Summer inspired beach dress is the Rainbow Bloom Bandeau Dress – how adorable is this?

3. Invest in a good ‘throw-over’. Because it’s not Winter anymore… but it’s not warm enough to bare all yet either. I randomly purchased a light tan/latte coloured poncho the other day from a local Saddleworth Garden Centre which sells clothing, homewear and gifts. Never underestimate what local market type shops can sell. It teams up with my draped leopard print scarf perfectly, and fits in wonderfully with my Spring attired, yet I know I’ll be able to use it in the Winter too. A great all-rounder!

4. Organise lunchtime meet ups with friends and find a new favourite coffee shop. You may not be as lucky as me to be working in the centre of the the city, but if you do, take advantage of it and your friends who also work centrally. We tend to get so busy and bogged down with the stress of everyday work, and I am one who is usually guilty of it. Sometimes, I don’t even give myself a lunch break. This week, I dragged myself away from my desk and headed to Manchester’s Pot Kettle Black for a coffee and a sandwich with my lovely designer friend. It was so nice to discover a new coffee shop, and also to catch up with a friend away from the office. It does wonders for your mood!

Do you have any tips on how to enjoy the month of May?

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