Lifestyle: 5 Ways to Add Hygge To Your Life

You may have noticed a recent lifestyle trend, called Hygge. It’s a Danish term, and its taking over not just the interiors and home world, but the way we dress, eat and even relax. So, what exactly is Hygge (pronounced hue-guh)? And how do you bring it into your life? I’ve been making a conscious effort to inject some into my life, so here’s a little run-down on how I’m finding it…

What is Hygge?

Firstly, it’s a Danish phrase used to describe the feelings of cosiness or comfort relating to a situation or event. You’ll possibly start thinking of all those comforting, lovely thoughts: nestling up under the duvet on a rainy afternoon, or sinking its a warm, snuggly bed. However, Hygee can actually be found in any situation so long as YOU feel comfortable or cosy. So there are no rules or instruction, it can be simple activities that evoke feelings of hygge within the individual towards the situation.

So I’ m trying not to get too deep or philosophical, but if you try and think of it as more like a state of mind rather than physical qualities about the situation, it should make a little more sense.

Create an ambiance

I’ve been filling my home with candles scented to my favourite scents, to try to uplift my mind, relax my body, and evoke some favourite memories. For example, I love the smell of freshly washed bedding and clean clothes, it always makes me feel fresh and clean, and I associate it with being happy. So in a bid to help me enter the rooms in my home and feel automatically cosy and relaxed, I’ve laid out a few candles and diffusers which fill the rooms with that clean scent.

My current favourite is the Monsoon Sea Spray and Cotton candle and diffuser, which gives a soft, comforting scent of cleanliness, with a touch of feminine fragrance. It puts feelings of everything being content and happy into my head, instantly making me feel cosy and helping me to relax. Plus, look how fantastic the packaging is? The candle looks beautiful with its metal intricate detailing and mirrored lid. So they also do wonders for my interior design!

These pretty candles and diffusers cost £17, and come in a range of other scents too. Plus, the box they come in are also super stylish, making these more than ideal for gifts!

Cook the foods you love

I realised that actually enjoying your meals and looking forward to breakfast, lunch or dinner fills my mind and body with happy endorphins. When I’m excited about my meal, my mood completely transforms for the next few hours. There is nothing more comforting than eating a lovely homemade meal, in a warm, pretty room that fills me with good vibes.

This means that I usually eat in the living room, which doesn’t suit everyone. But I love the familiar buzz and colours from the TV, the comfort of my sofa with snugly blankets wrapped around me, and the safety I feel when in a room I’ve designed to my tastes. Especially on a Sunday evening – tucking into a roast chicken dinner with apple crumble in the oven fills me with the happiest, balanced mind. The key is to make food something you enjoy, and embrace the cooking techniques which you feel happiest with (a slow cooker is a popular favourite!)

Opt for a relaxed fashion

When reflecting, I feel at my most confident, comfortable and chilled self when dressed in relaxing, sports-luxe style clothing. Loose jeans, baggy sweaters, flat shoes, hoodies, snuggly socks, slippers… I think you can get an idea that I love being warm, cosy and comfy!

For week night evenings, or those lazy Sundays, I like to do nothing more that curl up on the sofa under a blanket with my laptop on my knee, keeping up with my blog. I tend to go for soft snuggly slippers from online footwear retailer Uppersole, which I can pair with leggings or sweat pants/PJ bottoms, and just feel at home.

The older I’m getting, the happier I’m feeling when dressed in pure comfort clothing. I literally run through the door when I pull up at home at 7 pm on a week night after an hours drive home, darting upstairs to slip on my lounge wear or boyfriend style denim jeans!

Make the best of hot drinks!

When simply snuggling down in my house, whether it be evenings or weekends, I find I actually look forward to making a hot drink, sitting and relaxing whilst having a sip. Its like some form of relaxation method for me – I associate sitting on the sofa, cup of green tea in hand, as a wind-down activity.

I also make it indulgent too, such as opting for hot chocolate (or salted caramel hot choc!) drinks. It’s almost a scientific fact that a cup of tea has mystic properties that are 100% proven to increase mood and physical well-being (said a scientist…somewhere…maybe?). The beauty of this is that it can be combined with any of the previously mentioned points making you a hygge pro. So go on then, pop the kettle on!

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