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Who else is addicted to Instagram? I expect to see a lot of raised hands with that questions! I have to admit that as shocking as this is for a blogger, I only really upped my game on Instagram 12 months ago, and even then I wasn’t ‘on it’ as much as I am these days. I absolutely love the app – it’s very close to an addiction – but I was mainly just following others and admiring all the amazing photography and inspiration over there. You’ll be glad to know that I am very active on their now, constantly posting photos of everything and anything! Yes – even the shameless blogger selfies (bites lip).

In celebration of Instagram and it’s large success, I have rounded up 5 of my favourite accounts I feel are worth a follow:

the unimpossibles

The Unimpossibles
This is an essential if you love quotes, recipes, inspiring messages and local fashion. Catalina Miguel runs this account, posting lovely photography of food dishes, juices, thoughtful quotes and inspirations, snaps of ethical fashion and accessories, and lots of vegetables! The vegetable thing may seem a little strange, but The Unimpossibles capture a range of raw food shots using vegetables in their dishes, which also reminds me I need to eat more of them. The photography is thought provoking, simple and inspiring. Follow: @theunimpossibles

tuula vintage

Tuula Vintage
An old favourite of mine! I have been following Tuula and her travel adventures for the past two years, and wow – what a woman. Not only is she possibly one of the most naturally beautiful women I have ever seen, she travels the world as part of her blogger job (jealousy doesn’t come close) therefore showcases her wonderful world of exotic locations, hotels, beaches, meals, sceneries, just about everything possible that reflects a magical life we will possibly never live. But it’s so amazing to see the photos of her travels, and if you are one of those people like me who love to just admire someone else exploring every corner of the world wearing the most gorgeous clothes and living the nicest of lives, then you’ll love this account too! Follow: @tuulavintage

the lust list

This is a sweet little account if you love all things arty, sketchy, illustrated and just plain pretty. The Lust List focuses on the finer things in life in an illustrated format. So if you love your designer shoes and handbags and general fashion illustration, then you will adore this stylishly sketched account! @_TheLustList_

1 minute meals

1 Minute Recipes
So this account was actually recommended to me by a colleague at work. I am a self-confessed foodie and lose many hours a day browsing food and fitness inspired instagram accounts. I would say that food accounts take up 70% of my following list! This one, however, is different. It features video clips of how to make meals in 1 minute. Using little video snippets of preparing ingredients, to cooking them and presenting the final meal, it brings me so much cooking inspiration and encourages clean eating and fitness tips at the same time. Follow: @1minutemeals


Interior And Me
Another of my obsessions is other peoples houses. Yep, that can be any room in the house; living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and dining rooms. But more importantly for me, home offices. I could admire other peoples desk spaces, office organisation, wall displays and general room layouts all day everyday. I follow many accounts focusing on interiors, decoration and home inspirations, but this one in particular is great as it features real life rooms from all across the globe. Follow: @interiorandme

If you need some ‘life inspiration’, then I would recommend the above as my personal picks. It all depends on what type of photography we decide to get ourselves lost in, so do share with me some of your favourites too!

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