Exploring Lab Created Diamond Jewellery

They say diamonds are a girls best friend, and I see no one denying this! Of course, if you follow my journey, you’ll see that I recently got engaged. It was on our four year anniversary in September, and was the loveliest surprise I could have asked for.

Over the past few years, I feel like I’ve been involved in many ‘diamond” related celebrations.  Engagements, 30th birthdays, weddings and various other milestones.  Let’s face it: women secretly love luxury, even the ones who say they don’t want a big fuss or much expense spared. 

And Diamonds are pretty much the best way to celebrate these big occasions!

When I got engaged, I came across another angle to precious diamond rings that I hadn’t really studied before, which is lab grown diamonds. As right now, I’m aware of the ethical and sustainable actions we can all be taking to improve our world, I took a little time to be more clued up around this topic. 

My partner had planned a trip to a number of stores to look for our engagement rings, and it was only the other week when I was researching more info ethical diamonds, that I saw a range of lab grown diamond engagement rings from Lark & Berry – which I’ll explore in a second with you. I hadn’t really looked into these before, but after learning about what lab grown diamonds actually are, and then browsing these stunning designs, I kinda wish we’d held back a bit on the ring shopping.

But maybe don’t tell him that.


And then I spied a very very similar style to my ring at Lark & Berry – the actual shape, cut and design that I have gone for, except made with lab grown diamonds. Take a look..

So what actually are lab grown diamonds?

Some people ask if lab-created diamonds are real diamonds, in which the answer is an obvious yes. You might hear them being referred to as man-made diamonds too

The only thing that makes a lab-created diamond different from a natural diamond is its origin. As the name suggests, a lab-created diamond is created by being “grown” inside a lab environment, using cutting-edge technology that replicates the natural diamond growing process.

This means that the end result is a man-made diamond, chemically, physically, and optically the same as those grown beneath the Earth’s surface.

They are by no means replicas or cubic zirconias. Just pure, simple diamonds.  They have all the same physical and chemical properties of a mined diamond, and when compared to other popular diamond simulants, it’s clean that this was of manufacturing diamonds creates nothing but the real deal.

It’s much more ethical due to working conditions, so I was keen to explore lab grown diamonds for my engagement jewellery, and will continue to do so with my wedding jewellery. This is where I came across Lark & Berry, who have a tag line of ‘clean, cool & cultured’. 

They pride themselves as being a diamond retailer proud to produce  cultured diamonds — the most ethical and highest quality diamonds. They are never mined, and always conflict-free. The ethic that they have makes me feel so better about shopping for my sparkles. In a world where we should be much more focused on the world around us rather than how pretty and accessible jewellery can look and be, I’m super happy to have discovered them!

However, I started off looking at rings that might look nice as a wedding band, and then quickly got knocked off scent. Just look at these stunning rings below, which I see more as statement, luxury, fashionable rings. The rose gold ring below looks incredible with the diamonds, and the intricate, neat detailing is just perfect.

And swiftly moving on to gold rings – which I never thought I would go for at one point as I was always a white gold or rose gold girl – I’m just obsessed with their cute, whimsical designs, shining bright with the glittering diamonds. You can also get the below styles in rose gold too.

Lark & Berry have three stores in London, as well as other fabulous cities across the globe, and I only wish they had one in Manchester! I genuinley love the concept and feel like it’s the way forward when it comes to ethical and sustainable fashion.

We talk about recycling clothes, shopping our threads from sustainable fashion brands, and organic retailers, but how often do we consider the jewels that we wear?

I’ll totally be mentioning this to any of of the guys I know thinking of proposing to their ladies!

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