Life After Lockdown: 4 Post-Pandemic Health Tips

Going back to normal is going to be difficult after a pandemic. Everything needs minor adjustments, even small things, like how we visit our dentist, those who need regular doctor check ups, and those who need things like hearing aids. As individuals, it’s up to ourselves and the rest of the world to learn how to adapt to life after a killer virus.

But overall, it is important to prioritise re-acclimating yourself into a daily routine.

Take a read of some of the thoughts below which are a little reminder to how we can start to think about life post-lockdown, and ways to get our minds and bodies adapting.

1. Keep Protecting Yourself

An easing of lockdown procedures does not mean that a pandemic is over. There are phases leading to post-pandemic life, so going full throttle back into normal is a bad idea.

Continue to practice social distancing while wearing protection. Keep contact to a minimum, and never relax to the point where you forget the actual danger of a virus. It’s easy to get comfortable and leave your protection at home while out. Instead of running to the beach, take a refresher of your home and away from protection protocols. The exercise may seem repetitive, but it’s that repetition that will save your life.

2. Everyone Has The Same Idea

The beach is open? What about the hair salon? Any business that was closed due to the pandemic will have a rush of people trying to get in. It’s normal to want a new experience after weeks of being isolated. I know that for sure – my roots tell that story of my desperation to get to the salon!

The problem is that people won’t wait their turn for these new experiences, even if a country’s specific phase calls on moderation. If the beach is open, then hundreds, maybe even thousands will be there. If the grocery store relaxes its per customer limit, then individuals will forget all about the social distancing that is still in place. With all of this in mind, keep your schedule the same, even if it is post-pandemic. Become flexible when necessary, but never fully abandon the fundamentals of being safe.

3. Restock On The Essentials

This is a bit difficult since ‘everyone has the same idea’. The problem is that you can’t naturally avoid the supply rush without running out of supplies. A good way to get around this is to wear protection and send a single person to the store.

There is no reason for an entire family to go essentials shopping, as it only heightens the chance of getting infected. Post-pandemic, there will be a lot of returned supplies online and to traditional outlets. Set up email alerts for the online options, and pay close attention to the front of the store for traditional outlets. Avoid the rush by being informed about the supplies that are needed the most.

4. Spend Your Money Wisely

Being a wasteful post-pandemic is worse than during it. There will always be an end to a virus, so there is an expectation of the world getting back to business.

When you’re too broke to take care of bills that have been paused, then there are real-world consequences. Companies have different methods of dealing with bills during the outbreak that is specific to that timeframe. Once the post-pandemic world becomes a reality, you can expect them to want a full payment unless another arrangement has been set up.

Remember that there is no foolproof plan that will work for everyone. You have to learn when to apply certain tips in a brave new world. Make the most of the situation, but don’t be a guinea pig for a new generation.

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