4 Best Remedies to Reverse Sun Damaged Skin

No matter what you do, stepping outside in the blazing sun at least one or two times a day is inevitable. When you’re an enthusiastic traveller or hiker, this interaction becomes an everyday thing. Even if you work outside, or are out walking daily, you’re super prone to the sun beaming onto your skin.

In a usual routine when you may encounter the sun just a few times, you may not think twice about the harm it can do to your skin. For many of us, we see the sun start to shine and we rush straight out! The sun seems rare in the UK so as soon as it starts to rise from them clouds, we head on out unprotected to sunbathe, bask, or hurry to get errands done, like gardening.

Harmful UV rays from the sun are primary a leading cause when it comes to damaged skin and aging. It has been found that almost 90% of the damage is caused by the sun on wrinkly, aged skin. Sun damage is responsible for unpleasant dark spots, fine lines, sagginess and wrinkles, and for me personally, I’ve experienced severe hyperpigmentation from not being too careful when out in the sun.

The worst think about sun-damaged skin is that it can make someone look a lot older than the actual age of the person. The only real treatment is prevention, but, rest assured, if you have procured some signs of this damage, they can be reversed if you take certain measures.

The following are some tested and tried ways:

Always Use Sunscreen

It’s a super obvious one, but the only skin saver you need to protect it from harmful and penetrating UV rays is a handy SPF. Sunscreen is the sole remedy that can protect the skin from procuring sun damages. Protect your skin from an early age, and you’ll remin as fresh faced and youthful for a lot longer!

Even if the harm is already done, sunscreen is still necessary to protect exposed skin from further harm and conditions like skin cancer and premature aging. Daily usage can actually heal skin under the protection of the right sun protection. Always keep with you a sunscreen of SFF 30 or above and swear by it whenever going out.

Steam Clean

If you have damaged skin from constant sun exposure, you may find that some products can help, but many of them prevent it from breathing and healing naturally. For this, a natural and a mood-boosting remedy is steam cleansing you face.

By steam cleansing, you place your face over boiling water mixed with citric peels or essential oils – an excellent remedy for releasing pore dirt, increasing circulation, detoxifying and softening dead skin cells. Regular home treatments of hot water with vitamin A or antioxidants added can gradually help the skin heal naturally with no side effects either.

Just make sure the water cools slightly before using, as the steam from boiling water can be very hot!

Use Renowned Anti-Aging Products

Natural remedies are brilliant, but they can take a little longer in terms of time for results to show. If you have damaged skin, another approach is to use some sound quality products with natural remedies and advanced ingredients that work to a more dermatology level, to help the skin improve faster and constructively.

As far as products are concerned, you should choose between the vast array of skin products that deal with ingredients such as retinol, vitamin C, azelaic acid, and niacinamide among others. Anti-aging products, and others, are best for reversing sun damage to the skin as the products include collagen and anti-aging hydrating oils.

I’ve spotted that one of the top choices people have been trying recently is Crepe Erase – a product that erases ageing and skin damage without side effects due to its natural and light ingredients. Read the Crepe Erase reviews before buying the products to see how they work.

Consume Antioxidants

With the use of the necessary products and remedies, a balanced diet and healthy eating are also mandatory. As we all know that whatever we consume affects the skin rapidly, and bad eating habits can also cause skin destruction. So to help your already damaged skin to heal faster and not make the situation worse administer high in antioxidants foods to your regime.

These can be foods and drinks, including vitamin C and E that help revive collagen that induces elasticity in the skin and protect cells from damage. Some omega 3 healthy fatty acids also help by persuading hydration and lessening inflammation to the skin.

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