Jigsaw Puzzles: The Self-Care Trend for Adults

Not so long ago, adult coloring books burst into the world and became the ‘new thing’ for adults as a self-care and wellness hobby. They were the hottest trend in self-care, allowing us to indulge in our own relaxing, meditative time.

Now, there’s a new self-care trend in the form of activities for adults. Welcome on board jigsaw puzzles!

Right now, more and more people are focusing on wellness and looking for ways to channel their anxiety and relieve stress. While colouring books are still very much a good idea, jigsaw puzzles allow other adults to join in, although you can take up the activity alone too! It’s the perfect way to let your mind wander, focus on something fun and not-so-tedious – and you can now pick from an array of styles!

Jigaw Puzzles for Relaxation

They have recently launched at online retailer Fine Art America, in which they have some fantastic designs and also the option for you to try custom puzzles. For the art enthusiasts, these jigsaw puzzles have been designed by independent artists from all over the world, so the choices are brilliant. You kinda also want to be looking at quality puzzles if you’re going to buy them for gifts too (I actually think they’ll make fabulous Christmas presents!), and these puzzles are made from premium 0.2″ thick paper stock, available in two different sizes (18″ x 24″ 500 pieces and 20″ x 28″ 1,000 pieces). 

You’ll find that the array of individual puzzle pieces come in so many unique shapes, and each puzzle includes a puzzle box with the artwork printed on the top. This provides safe storage when you’re not puzzling!

They make such great gifts for adults in the terms of switching off from pressing mind issues, and giving back that ‘chilling out’ relaxing time. However, if you’re a parent, having a puzzle hobby just may be the one way you’ll be able to tear your kids away from a screen to spend time with you too!

If you think about it, we’re just all obsessed with screen time. Adults and children alike. With this, we’re seeing a constant boom in the wellness and mindfulness spaces as a result, with people searching for things to do to break away from our heavy tech lives. Jigsaw puzzles may be a slice of nostalgia, but they are certainly becoming a modern day activity! Jigsaw puzzles are a super simple, fun way to embrace quiet time, where you pick the art work or the colours you’d like to see in a puzzle, and there are also plenty of themes out there to reflect your interests , like travel, photography and art.

Jigsaw Puzzle Therapy

The art of jigsaw puzzle therapy is super relaxing because it forces you to not do a couple of things. Things like being on a screen, multitasking, trying to socialise or being engaged in a task. Whne you’re working on a jigsaw puzzle, your mind needs to focus only on the puzzle task itself, zoning out and enjoying the peace.

It’s just you and your puzzle, the one you choose. And if you wish for someone to join to make it more of an interactive thing to do, then so be it. A puzzle like this is a full-brain exercise that lets you tune out all your other concerns and stressors in that moment.

All you’re brainpower goes to finding two pieces that fit perfectly together.

What’s your favorite method of self-care?

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