Dr Martens Timeless and Classic Black Chelsea Boots

I can’t tell you how long I’ve been eyeing up ankle boots from Dr Martens. I just really knew enough about all the styles, and which ones to go for. And then, I felt I wasn’t – wait for it – ‘cool’ enough to pull them off. I’ve seen so many super stylish women’s on Instagram rocking a pair with funky outfits and such a unique style. I’ve always been quite girly, and not very ‘rocky’ or ‘street’.

Then, I was made aware of one of the most classic and timeless pairs of ankle boots from Dr Martens – the Chelsea Boots. Now with these, it literally doesn’t matter if you’re an edgy, slightly grungy girl, or a high-fashion, trend led fashionista. These are what the brand class as a timeless icon.

The Chelsea boot style shoe dates back to the Victorian era, however the brand share the story that it wasn’t until the 70s that it was given it’s own unique rugged Dr Martens overhaul. And as the years have passed, Dr Martens have produced a diverse range of women’s Chelsea boots inspired from the very original Chelsea Boot.

So, in this blog post today you’ll see me finally strutting around in my very own pair of the popular Dr Martens Chelsea Boots

So after deciding that if any boots are going to suit me and give me longevity, it had to be the original 2976 Smooth Leather Chelsea Boots. As you can see from the photos, I’ve mainly paired these up with a printed midi dress and a padded puffer coat, showing a little bit of leg (well, the shin!). However, I’ve so far teamed these boots up with skinny jeans, leggings and tights, and they’ve paired up perfectly no matter what look I’ve gone for.

They are slightly chunky, so I’d say they make your footwear choice the more statement item of your look. They gave this pretty puff sleeved River Island dress a more urban feel, ‘toughening’ up the feminine look.

I feel incredible wearing them, I’ll be honest! They make me feel that little bit more ‘fashion’ and like I’m wearing a staple, iconic fashion item. These leather 2976 Chelsea boots sure are slick, and they are even designed to be pulled off well by both sexes. So not just for us women!

If you look closely to the detail these boots hold, you’ll find the 2976 serves up all the signature Doc’s DNA: the iconic yellow stitch, air-cushioned soles and scripted heel-loops. So as well as a well crafted, high quality stylish boot, you get the comfort factor too.

I decided to choose this pair in particular as I was a complete newbie to Dr Martens, never owning a pair until now. However, if you’ve worn the iconic classic pair that I have and want a more updated pair, then the range of Chelsea Boots are pretty varied.

You can get the Dr Martens Chelsea Boots lined with faux fur, adorned with different colour stitching and stitch details, an array of colours, finishes and even chunkier platform styles.

If you’re looking for a statement boot that’s going to last you through the Winter months yet never go out of style, then these could be an ideal choice for this years Christmas list. The pair I’m wearing retail at £149 and will literally be the pair I pull out when no matter what type of outfit I chose to wear.

I’m totally on Team Dr Martens now!

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