International Women’s Day Personalised Gifts 2020

Gifts for International Women’s Day: Looking for a unique, thoughtful and empowering gift to give to the ladies in your life? How about something that can be tailored and custom to your friend/family member, which acts as an appreciation gift to show how much you care about them?

I’ve launched Powder Room Prints – a sideline to my Powder Rooms blog – to fit the gap. When I think of my friends and family, and generally the ladies in my life who mean a lot to me, no two have the same story.

Some have been through heartbreak, divorce, grief or illness. Some have just fallen in love, got a new job, got engaged or been a support to me. And some are just bloomin’ brilliant!

Some are travellers that love seeing the world, some are new mums – some even twin mums!

So, this is simply what lead me to create Powder Room Prints. Each print is made up of a poem written by myself which talks about the lady in third person. Whether it be ‘She is Beautiful’, ‘She is Brave’, ‘She is a Star’ or ‘She is The World’, along with a sweet little hand drawn illustration.

The poem prints are them framed in a white frame, making beautiful keepsakes and touching gifts.

Remember that each poem can be customised and personalised. There are standard prints which are written with a universal woman in mind, but if you would like something added in or amended to reflect something your lady has been through/has done, then that is more than welcome!

Alongside the empowering prints which make inspiring and motivational gifts, there is also a Bridesmaid Proposal print too. Ever wondered how to make your bridesmaid proposal that little more special?

The ‘I Can’t Say I Do Without You’, print is the more wonderful and whimsical way to ask your maids to join you on your big day!

So for International Women’s Day, Mothers Day, Birthdays, Weddings, Condolences, Sympathy or for occasions of congratulations, why not say it with a print?

So the ladies in your life just how much they have meant to you, or by simply reminding them just how brilliant they are.

Shop the collection here.

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