Inside La Mer’s New Beauty Room at Selfridges Exchange Square Manchester

My very favourite luxury skincare brand La Mer have opened their beautiful treatment room in Manchester, and I was so excited to try it out earlier this month.

If you follow me on Instagram or have watched any of my YouTube videos, you’ll know I struggle with breakouts. They seem to be slowing down much more than ever before at the moment (touches wood everywhere around me), but it has left me with extreme marks and scars, along with dark pigmentation which spans across my forehead and scatters my cheeks.

Some of the pigmentation is due to sun damage, which seems to get worse every Summer.

I spent years using mainstream skincare brands which I could afford to keep buying, but when I used La Mer for the first time, I realised why it’s so premium. The products just seem to work so much quicker, and at more intense levels due to the quality ingredients. You only need a teeny tiny amount of each product, therefore they seem to last forever.

I recently went in-depth about three key La Mer products I have been using this Summer, with an honest review on how I feel each one works. Check it out here if you want to see how I found using a selection of the range.

I’m more than aware that La Mer is an indulgence. The products don’t come cheap, and I see them more as investment products for when you really want to let the finest ingredients work deep down. Plus, did I mention how pretty they look on your bedside table?

Anyway, back to the launch of the new treatment room. Here, you’ll find a selection of La Mer facials in a stunning set-back treatment room, with white walls, branding and a gorgeous little area to enjoy a herbal tea and to keep your belongings stored away safely. A full 45 minute facial costs £100, but there is the best bit: the £100 is redeemable against any La Mer product.

You can find out more about booking the service here, making sure you scroll down and click Manchester Exchange Square.

I snuggled into a fluffy white La Mer robe before lying on the bed, listening to the sounds of the sea, in preparation for the personalised facial massage.

They offer three main massages, each tailored to your skin type and skin concerns to make the experience as personal to you and your skin as possible. These are:

The Hydrating Personalised Massage: £100.00 45 mins This is a customised massage that smooths and tones, flooding your skin with hydration to reverse early signs of ageing.

The Lifting Personalised Massage: £100.00 45 mins This facial focuses on creating a more lifted look. Define, sculpt and shape your facial contours with this deep tissue massage.

The Radiant Personalised Massage £100.00 45 mins: This is an uplifting and tightening facial, where this massage stimulates your capillaries to increase blood flow and oxygenate cells for skin enhancing benefits.

I was going to have The Radiant massage, as my skin is very dull and pigmented. The therapist gave my skin a thorough consultation first and decided that I would benefit from using some of the brightening and exfoliating products, to really smooth out my skin and give it a healthy glow.

I have to say, it was 45 minutes of pure bliss. I do have regular facials, so I know what to expect, however this one in particular paid attention to the actual art of facial massage, utilising real massage techniques which deeply worked the product in, and felt so incredibly relaxing (like flicks and even massaging my ear lobes, which is heaven by the way!).

I came away with glowing skin, soft to touch and completely radiant. It certainly got it’s boost of hydration, and I didn’t feel the need to wear make up afterwards either (and I’m usually so paranoid about my dull complexion).

This would make a fantastic gift for someone you love. You could gift them the facial, knowing they could then shop £100 worth of premium products at the end of it.

You can find the new Beauty Room on the lower ground floor of Selfridges Exchange Square, Manchester.

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