How I Got Rid of Pigmentation: The illumifacial at The Lynton Clinic

Happy Friday all! Today’s blog post is just a little one to update you on a fantastic experience I had early this month.

I was booked in to meet with the lovely Emma Yarwood at The Lynton Clinic, based in Holmes Chapel, to discuss the possibility of having the newly launched illumifacial.

Firstly, I have quite severe pigmentation which is present in a block on my forehead, and then across patchier areas across my face. It’s mixed in with acne marks and scars, and also sun damaged areas.

Emma talked me through everything that takes place at The Lynton Clinic, and I listened in amazement at just how brilliant Lynton lasers sound. These laser treatments can solve a multitude of problems, from skin issues to tattoo removal, and it looks like they are one of the most successful laser brands that are around in today’s advanced world.

Emma talked to me about the illumifacial, which works to improve skin tone, work on skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, aid hydration, reduce breakouts and overall, create a soft & smooth complexion.

The new illumifacial is the ‘next generation’ of the highly successful ‘Photofacial’ treatment, using new and unique combination of specialist Lynton skincare together with powerful, medical-grade Lynton IPL technology.

I’ll be honest, sometimes the thought of medical grade lasers can scare me, but Emma reassured me and shown me lots of before and afters of how the lasers have assisted with pigmentation, skin tone and marks over the years on various people.

My Patch Test Results

There is one slight problem for me: my pigmentation could well be hormonal, and due to it being present all around my face, it isn’t always advised to go down this route. However, for sun damage, skin tone changes, acne and breakout marks, this is pretty much ideal.

Emma carried out a patch test on me, which is what literally blew me away so much I had to share the results on Instagram and the blog. The above photo is the before photo, which Emma took after my double cleanse, You can see quite severe dark marks from sun damage and acne.

She ‘shot’ the laser around 3-4 times in certain spots, to target the dark marks. It did hurt a little, after all, it’s a red hot laser, but it was over so quickly. When you have the full treatment, you also get the cool air that immediately cools the skin so you don’t feel the heat so much.

After the patch test, the area treated feels hot for about an hour, before then going very dark (almost like black marks). It stays like this for around 5-7 days, before scabbing a little and then disappearing. And yes, the pigmentation completely disappears too! In my case, my marks just vanished, and I am SO ECSTATIC about it!

I wanted to share these before and after photos because I know people can easily be skeptical and a little afraid of laser treatments on the face. I can’t speak about any others, but for this session I had with Lynton lasers at The Lynton Clinic, I was so overwhelmed at the quick result.

It costs £230 per treatment, although as with most treatments, the best results are achieved with a course of 3 treatments. You can also get 20% off with my code, EMMA20.

I’m heading back to The Lynton Clinic to try a new facial to brighten and lift the pigmentation I still have around the rest of my face. So stay tuned for some updates, and I’ll be documenting it over on my Instagram account here.

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