How To Use Fonts and Graphics To Improve Your Blog

Let’s face it: the blogger world is getting extremely crowded, with new blogs popping up month after month. I don’t mean over crowded as a negative, more that it’s becoming easier for potential bloggers to set up their own space on the internet, thus adding more blogs to the blogsphere.

After all, were in a digitally connected world, so it seems everyone is taking their business and life to the good old world wide web.

And why not? With everyone turning to the online world for news, information, entertainment, communication, shopping, banking…. I could go on forever!

The blogging industry is one that is booming, but it does make you realise that it’s getting harder to stand out among the crowd. So how do you get your voice heard, in a noisy world of millions of blogs?

The power of graphic design

When someone lands on your blog, they will judge it immediately from the aesthetics of the site. Is it visually pleasing? Does it project a theme? Is it easy to navigate, attractive to look at, and an ease to trawl round?

The importance of graphic design should not be underestimated when it comes to creating your blog, or updating it. Graphic design elements such as landing pages, logos, graphic images and design treatments all lead to building the brand, creating a ‘theme’ and contributing towards a strong, visual appearance.

So, if you have not opted for graphic treatments on your blog, you’ll potentially be falling behind your competitors, and can risk losing returning readers.

Consider the font

When it comes to graphic design, it is necessary to choose the correct colours and typeface to evoke emotions with viewers. When you do this right, it helps to convey your brand message to your target audience.

When running a blog, the type of font you use portrays everything from the age range of your viewers, the tone and humour of your blog, and the overall design treatment. Use a fun, funky font and it portrays a younger, light-hearted feel. Use a classic handwritten font and it represents style, class and luxury. A traditional, formal font can connote to importance and corporate.

Before you take on a pre-made template for your blog, look at the type of fonts you can download for free yourself, and incorporate them into your logo, headings and pages. For a recommended Font Free Download, Font Bundles is a winner for me. They show you first how the font looks in a creative format, so you can establish if this is the type you would like to try.

By having access to a free, unique font download, you’re on the right path to creating a sassy blog!

Your logo and headers

Through graphics, people develop an idea about the quality of the site, brand or products offered. Usually, this message is conveyed indirectly through different graphic design elements and it helps to bring your target audience closer to your business.

I personally invested in a designer to create my logo, as I wanted someone with professionalism to create it so it’s the right quality. I actually don’t have access to Adobe Illustrator or any software, so it was nice to have the logo sent to be in an ai. file should any brands wish to feature my logo.

Your logo can be used for backdrop images on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn as well as on your blog, so it’s worth getting it done correctly.

Should you use a graphic designer?

When a blog has an aesthetically pleasing logo design and other graphic designs, it makes viewers confident about the website, its content and its services. It is an indication that a blog is reliable, and has a dedicated ‘blogger’ running the site.

As a result, people will start reading the blog with positivity from the offset, scrolling through being impressed with what they see. Of course, the actual content is up to you – you obviously have to keep it strong to keep the reader returning.

It’s totally up to you if you wish to hire a professional graphic designer, or whether you teach yourself the basis skills. There are sites out there which let you edit imagery and add text and prints on to it, but they could look a little novelty if you don’t do them correctly.

The key aspects to invest time and effort into are fonts (which you can download for free as highlighted above – winner!), logos, headers, banners and any promotional photos you may want to use across your site and social media accounts.

The bottom line

Graphic design is so much more important for a blog than many people think. However, having the perfect graphics will not help your online blog if you’re content isn’t delivering anything informative, visually pleasing or of relevance, so the two go hand in hand.

If you aim to create a blog filled with sharp, high quality graphics, logos and visuals, along with creating unique and relevant content, you’re half way there for becoming an exceptional blogger!

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