How to Create a Kitchen and Dining Room You Will Want to Cook + Eat In

There tends to be two ways of looking at your kitchen and dining space. One is positive, and the other not so much. Some people view their kitchen as the actual epicenter of their house. A place where people have space to gather and hang out as ‘the host’ preps the food and shakes us the cocktails. It’s a place full of favorite foods, potions, blenders, teas, utensils and appliances, making it an all round happy place.

Others see it as a place of dread. A dull room which connotates to slaving away at the stove or washing up. A place for dreaded tasks, which isn’t inviting in the slightest.

You can change your focus on how you view your kitchen, but first you have to love the space. You have to want to enjoy it and make it reflect your life, your eating habits, and feel like a fabulous room in the home.

This can all come down to the details. Place mats, colour schemes, table arrangements and kitchen accessories. These all play a huge part, and it’s worth checking out a dedicated retailer for inspiration, such as VeeYoo®

No matter if you currently follow the negative view with your own kitchen, there is good news. There are ways to update and style a kitchen without breaking the bank! Here are five ways to make it just a little more Pinterest worthy.

Inject a touch of colour

Sure, kitchens look great in stark white or minimal colours, but you can have some fun with the accessories! Tablecloths, kettle, toasters, oven gloves and dining chair cushions and place mats can all work together to create pretty feel.

Tablecloths can instantly revamp your dining table, and are a great way to update without any fuss or expense. A solid polyester tablecloth tends to stand the test of time, and can work wonders in a plain, classic colour to add a flash of boldness to your dining area. There’s a great selection at VeeYoo® tablecloth Factory – mainly in classic colourways like traditional, black, white and wine.

Another super handy option for your dining room is to look at a waterproof option. I mean, how many of us are guilty on spilling wine? Or more to the point, red wine?! This VeeYoo® Striped Rectangular Oblong Polyester Waterproof Tablecloth is certainly a great option for those who like hosting dinners without the mess!

For your kitchen, look at adding a touch of class to the decor simply through the appliances. If you match your toaster, kettle, radio, knife rack etc to the same finish – i.e rose gold or silver – you’ll have a modern theme running through.

Declutter and keep everything organised

There’s nothing worse than a kitchen which is cluttered with ‘things’ and ‘stuff’. You ideally need to start with a clean space and declutter the kitchen out. Take a look around the kitchen with fresh eyes and look at creating a cohesive palette and decor vibe for the space.

Assess if you would like a theme running through, which could be a colour palette or even a pattern.

Avoid building up areas with clutter by grouping items together and use storage wisely. Use glass canisters to store house baking ingredients and snacks, put a crock next to the stove for wooden spoons, and add trays or bowls that are decorative and functional for corralling similar items together.

Utilise stylish canisters which match the colour scheme on the worktops so you can store tea, coffee, sugar, pasta, utensils, spices…. whatever you currently have spamming your worktops!

Share your own personality through items

The feeling of walking into your kitchen or dining room and feeling like it represents you is priceless. It’s great to inject your own personality into your cooking and eating space.

If you have any shelves, look at stacking plates and arrange glasses in a row to give it styled touch. If you’re a Martini drinker, or a Prosecco Queen, feature some Martini or Prosecco glasses on shelves next to your favourite bottle.

Or, what about personalised mugs?

It’s also super stylish to display a sassy apron somewhere visible in the kitchen, like hung up on a hook, or fed through your oven handle. It could be a fun, humorous apron which makes you giggle when you’re about to start cooking, or a little fashionable one like the VeeYoo® aprons which tie around the waist.

Splurge on some accents

Put your money into the pieces that will not only make the biggest impact visually, but will also travel with you when it comes time to move. A statement, ‘wow’ dining table will make you enjoy coming to sit down for dinner, and you can take this with you if you choose to move.

Hate your kitchen floors? Cover them up with a beautiful vintage rug that will also add some softness and warmth. Spend a little more on soap dispensers and some gorgeous hand towels to prettify your sink area. It’s all about the little and the large details!

Spend time looking at trusted retailers for both accessories and large essential furniture items. You can check customer reviews before hand, like VeeYoo Reviews which share real customers thoughts.

And remember, your kitchen and dining should be two rooms you enjoy spending time in. Creating a feast, baking something unique, enjoying a glass of wine and embracing a dinner party. Make these rooms a pleasant place to be, and you’ll never be out of the kitchen!

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