How to Use Ceramics Tiles to Easily Transform Your Home

Ceramic tiles have become a huge interior trend across many homes in the UK, epecially for those modern, chic bathrooms and kitchens. Some of the earliest ceramic tiles ever discovered were found in Egypt, dating back to 4,700 B.C, so they certainly aren’t a new thing, but more of a new growing design trend.

Tiles have been used for millennia in homes, not just to create a practical surface, but also to create decorative elements and even art. Ceramic tiles are a quick and easy way to make an impact in your home and you can take inspiration from all around the world.

From the beautiful patterned tiles of the Mediterranean, to the blue and white tiles found adorning houses on the Greek islands, you can make a real design statement and add personality to your living space. Especially if you want your abode to reflect a calm, serene, minimalist space.

Here’s a few ways you can be inspired:

Beautiful bathroom tiles

Tiles are common in the bathroom, simply for practicality and their clean visual look. They can be easily cleaned and aren’t damaged by steam and moisture in the air. In your bathroom, move away from the basic white square tiles and create an incredible sanctuary using rustic porcelain tiles with a metallic sheen. These recreate the look of oxidised rock, in earthy colours with a metallic glean.

Even when the tiles are wet, they reflect droplets of water, making you feel as though you are in a natural underground cave. Complete your bathroom look by placing damp-loving plants like ferns and spider plants on the windowsills or high up on shelves. 

A Moroccan kitchen 

If you want to inject some color and timeless style into your kitchen, take inspiration from Morocco. Their tiles have vibrant, bold patterns that are often hand-drawn, making each tile unique. The mismatched effect doesn’t look shabby or thrown-together though, instead the tiles create a stylish impact that is warm and inviting.

Moroccan-style tiles are perfect for a large splash-back or feature wall in the kitchen. They often come as a mixed box when you buy them online or at the tile store, so you don’t need to hunt for lots of individual different tiles. Instead of square ones, you can also go for hexagon-shaped tiles, giving your kitchen a modern twist on the classic Moroccan look. 

Modern tiled living room flooring

The living room is often the most used room in the house, so it is important to have practical flooring that is durable, hard-wearing and easy to clean. Ceramic tiles cover this and they don’t trap dirt like carpet does. Tiles aren’t always cold underfoot either, ceramic is naturally warm and will give your living room a feeling of elegance.

For a modern living room, look for tiles that have a bold, geometric design, in black, white and greys. Keeping with a monotone colour-scheme for your floor means that you can go to town with your walls and furnishings if you choose. Striking designs that take inspiration from the drawings of M.C. Escher are on trend and make a great feature. 

Using ceramic tiles, you can easily transform any room in your home and create a unique design feature. Tiles are a practical and beautiful way to make an impact and give a living space a fresh, new feel. 

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