How To Transform Your Bedroom Into A Cosy Boudoir

When I lived on my own, I absolutely loved my bedroom. It was a place I would go to as soon as I got home (I’d rush right past the living room and head straight up stairs), collapsing on my bed and taking half an hour out for ‘me time’.

It’s just a cosy, comfy place where I could watch TV, bring my laptop into bed with me and get crumbs everywhere without feeling guilty. It was my space, and a space visitors didn’t really see, so I could go crazy with my own mess.

Fast forward to today’s life, and I now live with my boyfriend of four years. It wouldn’t go down too well if I brought my laptop into bed with me, nor would it if I got through a packet of biscuits and brushed the crumbs all around the duvet.

Now that I share a bedroom, I’ve been transforming it to become a nice place for both of us. Obviously, they say your bedroom should be a place for sleep, so that you don’t lay awake at night, your mind buzzing and not switching off. But I don agree with thus slightly.

For me, I like my bedroom to represent a cosy little boudoir I can enjoy spending time in. Here’s how I have got ours looking great:

Attack it Marie Kondo style

At first glance this may seem like a hefty step, but hear me out. Your bedroom is more than begging for a good purge and deep clean.

I started by moving all the furniture I could and gave it the deepest clean of its life. I kept thinking about an organised, tidy space – one where you can put your hand to anything, and it works for both of us.

Clean curtains, a vacuumed mattress, a steam cleaned rug and wiped down ledges, we had a super strikingly clean bedroom. When you do this, it looks bigger, and then comes in the part where you bring furniture back.

Remember that the whole point of having Marie Kondo style room is to avoid clutter. Can you rearrange the furniture for more space or a better flow? If not, focus instead on only adding back in what is necessary. Purge your closet and drawers, avoid cramming “storage” under your bed, and approach the entire room with a “less is more” mentality. This is the room where you need to get your zen on, so prioritise a calm and clean vibe.

Have a focal point

I feel that every bedroom should have a TV, because there is nothing more enjoyable than having a lie in on a weekend, and rolling over to grab your remote and stick on a Saturday cookery show. In my option, anyway.

For an aesthetically pleasing option, have you ever thought of TV Beds? These come in a wide range of styles, fabrics, colours and sizes, which can be chosen to match the colour scheme and theme of your bedroom. They look stunning, giving bedrooms that premium look.

But overall, they let you effortlessly watch TV in bed, without having to worry about where on Earth to fix up your TV. The cutting-edge technology of a TV Bed means your TV is safely contained in the footboard of your bed, ready to watch when you are.

Life changer.

Invest in your bedding.

The most important part of better sleep starts with where you lay your head. It sound silly, but when you are attracted to how lovely looking your bed looks, you’re going to look forward to snuggling down in it.

Some of my favourites include subtle grey cotton bedding, or cream satin bed sheets. I tend to avoid any prints or patterns as they easily go out of date, and it’s super important that your bedroom looks sleek and modern at all times. You have to be proud of it, it order to want to spend time in it, right?

Be careful with light

When it comes to sleeping, you want as little light as possible to come through. I can;t tell you how much investing in blackout blinds and thick, good quality curtains makes a different. Do this, and I promise you – it’s gonna be great, I promise. You will be so spoiled by your dark cave bedroom, you’ll wonder how you ever slept without them.

When purchasing your blackout curtains, make sure that you measure and only buy panels that fully cover your entire window — both at the top and sides. I know, they are an investment, but they are worth it.

Invest in a matching pair of bedside lamps which sit on each of the bedside table, so you have a touch of cosy warm light while you chat or read in bed ‘before the blackout’. Plus, if you choose a pretty Scandi style pair, they will add to the rooms fresh, minimal look that you created in my first Marie Kondo point.

Now go forth, go into your bedroom and don’t feel bad if you never want to leave and face the real world. That’s what winter is for, amirite?

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