5 Signs That It Could Be The Ideal Time to Replace Your Windows

Sadly, a homes windows don’t last forever, and when they start to show sings on wear and tear, they can start to make your home look shabby.

As much as they won’t last a lifetime, if you invest in high quality windows, you will significant time out of them, and they will represent class and style.

Replacing windows is best to do during the Summer months, and this is for many reasons. The first one is because as your window fitter will be removing your current windows, you ideally don’t want a gush of wind and rain blowing directly into your home.

The second is because you can decorate your window ledges with pretty bunches of fresh flowers, and show them off against shiny new windows!

If you’re wondering how long your windows have got left, read below:

They’re damaged, warped, or broken

In some cases, windows can be repaired. But that’s only if the window damage is very minor. If your window is damaged by either any large cracks or smashes, or broken mechanics, it’s best to replace. Windows that show signs or warping means that due to weather and other conditions, the shape and size is starting to alter, which could cause huge problems if not replaced.

Look for internal factors too, such as if you can spot any fogging for no reason, or a constant draft that keeps coming in.

For replacing windows, look for the best quality you can get. When searching, pop in your local town and look for uPVC, so for example uPVC double glazing Worcester. This way, you’ll find quality windows where a local fitter can do the job for you.

Your energy bills have a story to tell

During the Summer months, your windows provide some heat in the home by letting in sunlight. But if your windows are letting in a draft, this counteracts any benefit you’re getting from the natural sunlight.

You will really feel it during the winter, where you can expect your electricity bills to rise by 20% if cold air is coming in. Take a look at your bills – any high rises will tell you. Another point to note is that if you’re considering listing your home for sale, house viewers look at windows to get an indication of utility bills. They want to save energy costs, so updating your windows before selling could be key.

When it comes to upgrading, make sure you consider double glazing. You can start by searching for this within your local area, for example double glazing in Worcestershire, and find a local supplier. In this example, window fitters Worcester would be able to assist with the size, shape and type, and fully fit for you.

Assess your homes appearance

Windows are a very prominent features of a home, and this is obvious when you are looking at the house from the inside of the outside. If your windows are showing signs of colour fade or warping, you can tell they have been in place for a very long time.

When a builder or architects designs a new house, they keep in mind that good design is key for the longevity of a structure. This means that design considerations and the quality of windows inserted are always high on the priority list. If yours don’t tick either of them boxes, they must be in their way out.

Look at installing larger windows to increase a room’s natural light, which has many aesthetic and health benefits. The more natural light in a room, the more it lifts your mood and helps with well-being.

Above all, if you find yourself struggling to shut any windows, feel signs of drafts and feel slightly embarrassed with the look of them, you know its time to do something about it.

Just ensure you find a professional window company where they will give you all the advice and help you need, and see the job through right to the very end.

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