How to Take Quality Photos

Photoshoot sessions can be exciting—especially if you have the right ideas and high-quality equipment. So, if you have a keen eye for taking photos but want to be better at it, it’s time to get more creative. Inject more life into your photos.

With the following practical photoshoot ideas, you can be sure of photos that optimize your love for class and elegance.

Pick the idea that fits into your explicit needs. Find your subjects. Then have fun experimenting on these ideas. It will make your photos more classy and exciting.

Street Photography Session

With this idea, you have the power to play around with your photos and make them unique and exciting. Go for coffee with your couple. Alternatively, you can walk in that beautiful park or city.  Then take your photos on that beautiful, classic street. Don’t pose. Just take candid shots. Take the photos without informing the couple.

This is particularly beneficial during events like weddings.  Get the right equipment. For example, choose the best photo booth. There are several photo booths for hire in Glasgow. Do your research and hire the best one.

Freezing a Water Drop

Get creative and take your game to the water droplet. Have a good camera ready. Other things you need include a plate, eyedropper, as well as some water. From here you are required to fill the plate with clean water and set that camera of yours on the tripod. The next step involves framing the scene. Use a fast shutter based speed—preferably 1/500—to freeze that drop. Finally, set an extremely narrow aperture—it will get you a sharper drop.

While you hold the eyedropper in the same height, try to make the drops. Then capture the drops.

Pro tip: Take several images until you get that perfect image. You can also use a colorful plate—it will help you achieve beautiful results.

Pregnant Mother

Do you have a baby? Well, it’s one of those moments people always yearn for. So, transform that experience into memories. Start by taking photos during the pregnancy months. Include family members in the photos. Photos of you during pregnancy will evoke beautiful memories in the future. Let that belly do the talking. Write the baby’s name on the beneath the photos.

Alternatively, you can write loving words. Also, remember to include baby things like clothes, pacifiers, and ultrasound images of the baby in the photos.

Family Photos

Taking photos with your family can be fun and exciting. Plus, you don’t need to have to wait until you have special events. You can take photos with your family at any time. For instance, take photos with family members during playful activities. Organize some fun activities with family members. Let your kids play as you take the photos. 

It will yield tremendous results. The beauty of this idea is that you can take photos anywhere. From playfield to the park—taking photos with family members is a great way of storing a memorable experience.


Playing with shadows can inject more class to your photos. So, be sure to play around with shadows. Get more creative. Embracing shadows in your photos will create an exciting mood in the photos. Experiment with different shadows in your photoshoot session. But be sure to include shadows that improve the mood of your portrait. Here is how to evaluate whether that shadow is best for your portrait:

  • Project a light source on the model
  • Do it from different directions (i.e. from the back, front, and sides).
  • Don’t let lighting go directly into the eyes of your model.

Also, you can create shadows using objects like curtains and nets. The most important thing is to get creative and experiment with different shadows to evaluate the outcome.

Detail Photo

Don’t focus on the main subject and forget others. Go into the detail. Of course, you can decide to concentrate on the main subject. It this is inevitable, consider, organizing a different photo session with the rest. Remember, stories are told from great details. So, capture details. For instance, you can decide to experiment with close up.

Water Reflections

When it comes to taking photos, the power of reflections cannot be underestimated. Just like a mirror, reflections can bring more sophistication into your photo album. So, be sure to leverage reflections when shooting photos. For instance, you can go to a natural lake or even a park. Then capture that water reflection in a creative way. With water reflections, you have the power to create balanced photos. Also, you can take photos during a rainy day. It’s a perfect source of reflections.

Consider Experimenting With Light Pads

Light pads can help you come up with extremely creative photos. So, take advantage of them. You are only required to have a light pad. However, ensure it’s big in size—preferably Size A2 and above. You can also look for a tripod.

With this technique, you have the power to determine how your subjects will look in photos. Ideal with transparent objects like flowers and fruit slices, this technique is easy to use. Plus, you can experiment with different subjects. The trick lies in choosing your composition and placing that camera of yours in the tripod. From here, you are required to adjust the settings. Finally, take photos as you have great fun.

Urban Objects

Urban objects can make great detail. Plus, there are numerous objects you can use in your photos. For instance, you can use images to act like leading lines when it comes to your composition. That means that you can use images to direct your viewer’s eyes towards the photo’s specific focal point. Examples of leading lines include walls, benches, and sets of stairs. So, be sure to experiment with different leading lines. Bring creativity on board.

The Bottom-Line

Photo-taking should be exciting and fun. To create great photos, you need to get more creative. The above tips will help you create photos like a pro. Practice them and let your photos sparkle with class and uniqueness. Good luck!

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