Changing My Sleeping Habits With The Restored

A couple of months ago, I put together a blog post to tell you about an exciting new website I discovered called The Restored. It was a great site for me to discover, as The Restored focuses on health – which overall counts to your happiness – and works to draw attention to the four foundations which contribute to your ultimate health.

These are sleep, movement, nutrition and mind-set. To gain an understanding of my own health, and what needs working on, I took an insightful online test over at The Restored to see what underlying issues I might be facing. Take a little read of the blog post over here, so you can see all about the quiz and what I discovered from taking it.

I had an idea I would fall into the ‘sleep’ category, and sure enough, I was right. After taking the test, The Restored gave me access to expert advice and tips on everything sleep health related. This covered how to make sure I’m getting enough sleep, falling to sleep after a reasonable amount of time, and improving the quality of the sleep I’m getting.

I always knew I needed more sleep, but I guess I wasn’t aware of how it can massively impact other areas of my health. For example, I struggle to fall asleep, and many hours will pass as my boyfriend is well away in the land of nod, while my mind races crazily for a fair few hours. Then, I wake up at various points throughout the night, and struggle to then fall back to sleep.

Come 7am when my alarm usually goes off, I’m so tired that I struggle to get myself out of bed and feel sleepy at various points throughout the day.

It’s just something that became the norm to me, but quite frankly, it shouldn’t be.

Along with the advice, I was kindly sent a pack of The Restored Advanced Sleep Aid Essential nutrients, which are tailored to provide better quality sleep for those who need it.

As most of us know, sleep is essential for a healthy, happy life. For me personally, it’s the stress of working as a freelancer and having a very active online presence that keeps me awake at night. Worrying about deadlines, planning online content and then thinking about time management and work/life balance are just some of the things that race through my mind during the night.

The Restored understand that in order to sleep well, a formula is needed that restores the lost nutrients for a deeper, better quality of sleep. This help in the form of nutrients combined with practical advice for a healthy sleep mindset and routine is what The Restored quiz provided me with as a way of helping me, which I was more than happy to start taking on.

Before I go any further with how I’ve been finding these nutrients for the past month, let’s explore a little more about The Restored and why I’m currently excited to be sharing their launch online with you…

Who are The Restored and What is Their Concept?

The Restored are a new online health retailer who believe that improving your health really doesn’t need to be difficult, offering natural supplements along with practical support and advice.

I feel like health and well-being are predominately coming to the forefronts of people’s minds now more than ever before, making it an ideal time for The Restored to come along and become a space on the internet focused on health.

The Restored want to help with identifying the areas of people’s health which are suffering and need improving. They run by the concept that if one of the four fundamentals of health mentioned above is suffering (sleep, movement, nutrition or mind-set), your overall health won’t be at its best.

So brand new for August 2019, The Restore have launched a range of innovative health supplements, products and expert advice to help people with their health journeys.  

Sometimes you might not feel quite right but aren’t too sure what area it is that is making you feel a little ‘off’. All you have to do is to take the super quick The Restored Health Quiz, and see what the results show. Of course, the products they advise are helpful, but the practical advice that you can start to read and work to incorporate into your everyday life is also just extremely useful for starting your journey to improved health.

One Month Into Taking The Restored Advanced Sleep Aid

It’s been over a month since I’ve been taking The Restored Advanced Sleep Aid, and I said I would back to the blog and report how I am finding taking nutrients. Firstly, it was a bit of a strange one for me because although I’ve suffered from poor sleep for a long time, sometimes for short periods and sometimes for longer, I have never really done much to help it.

It’s hard for me to stay off technology because my job depends on it. As I’m a lifestyle blogger full time, my social life and my job fuse into one, so it can mean I’m online at all hours running up to the later evening.

Cutting out caffeine after a certain time of day is obviously something I’ve tried to do over the years too, but I feel like it’s potentially my job and my lifestyle which is the main problem.

As I can’t do too much to change my lifestyle at the moment, a little bit of help was more than welcome. The Restored Advanced Sleep Aid have bene rated extremely high from previous users, where a survey of 127 customers who used our Advanced Night Time Nutrients showed the following:

-97% said they slept better

-82% of people woke up less

-76% feel asleep faster

-98% would recommend

These 100% natural, vegan supplements aim to offer complete sleep nutrition. They contain the 9 essential nutrients needed for sleep that so many of us are deficient in, which are the following:

Our Magnesium blend contributes to reduction of tiredness and fatigue

An essential amino acid that is converted into 5-HTP when needed by the body

5-HTP (Griffonia seeds)
A naturally occurring amino acid that increases serotonin to regulate sleep cycles

Montmorency cherry
Increases the availability of Tryptophan and a natural source of melatonin

Grape skin
Increases antioxidant levels and a natural source of melatonin

High in Tryptophan for 5-HTP regulation and a natural source of magnesium

An antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that has a naturally calming effect on the brain

Increases the natural sedative GABA which calms and relaxes the nervous system

Contributes to normal psychological function

As you can see from the list above, the nutrients are made from plant extracts and are 100% natural. This is why I felt much better about taking them, as after all, they are designed to be a natural sleep aid, not a sedative. Both the nutrients and the expert advice pack works by focusing on getting yourself prepped for better, quality sleep, using a combination of nutrition and mindset.

I was never looking for a sedative, and these nutrients are definitely not that. They don’t aim to knock you out, which the thought of scares me a little. Instead, the nutrients in The Restored Sleep Aid take between 7-21 days to work, starting by taking one a night and then two per night, letting your body adjust to them.

My overall thoughts

In terms of the supplements, I started taking one a night for the first week, and then went onto two a night, which I have been doing for over three weeks. I would say it took me until week two to notice the time I spent tossing and turning before going to sleep was significantly getting shorter.

I won’t lie, I wanted them to work faster, mainly because I was aware that I was taking nutrients to improve my sleep, and it’s one of those things about mind over matter. When you know you’re actively doing something different and want to see results, you think about it more than you should do.

When taking the nutrients during the second week became a bit more of a habit, and I thought about it less, I realised when I awoke in the morning that I hadn’t had those long periods of lying awake as much as I used to. It didn’t happen rapidly, and occasional nights during week two I woke up at various points of the night and struggled to switch back off again, but by week three and four I’ve seen more improvements.

Before, it was taking me around 1-2.5 hours to fall asleep after going to bed. Now, I can lie awake for around 30-40 minutes. That might be a long time for some of you, but for me that’s incredible!

I occasionally wake up during the night, but again, it has significantly dropped. I feel that by seeing these positive changes, I’m already started to go to bed feeling much more positive and less full of dread about the sleep I’m about to have.

Honestly, the expert advice along with the nutrients are a much safer and natural way to work on any sleep problems you may be facing. If – like me – you avoid any sleeping pills or sedatives which can seem a little scary, I’d highly recommend looking at taking the Sleep Course over at The Restored.

If you take the quiz yourself and it shows that sleep is the sector that is letting your health down, there is nothing to worry about when it comes to taking on the help provided. I feel so much better for taking the nutrients, and even more so because I always toyed with the idea of taking a supplement that provided magnesium, as I was aware of its natural benefits to sleep quality. Now, I have it in the form of The Restored Advanced Sleep Aid.

Overall, I’m overly happy to have discovered The Restored, and feel like there are so many people out there that may totally benefit from heading over and exploring the site. They have so many exciting plans lined up too, including the launch of their Food & Drink products, such as Matcha Green Tea and Supergreens.

Let me know if you take the quiz and discover the area of your health that needs that little boost!

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