How to Style Out A Digital Christmas

If you are far away from your loved ones this upcoming Christmas, the prospect of a Christmas over video chat might not seem appealing. There is no doubt it will be certainly be different, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a memorable day carried out with style.

As we all adapt to Christmas 2020 and the changes we’ll face, here are a few ideas that could make your Christmas, classy, fun and unforgettable. 

Look Great

Even simple routines like putting on makeup or doing your hair can have a positive effect on your happiness levels according to experts. So while it may seem like an effort for no one, taking time to get yourself styled up even for a family Zoom chat will make your day feel more special. If you want to give yourself a boost:

  1. Treat yourself to a few new products or a glam outfit. There’s nothing wrong with going all out on Xmas Day even if it’s just you and your other half.
  2. If your hair needs a new look, find out more about hair stylers to achieve the style you always wanted.
  3. Remember, looking good is as much for you as it is for others. Get all preened and jazzy for the Christmas Day zoom!

Spending time making a special effort will help you feel like the day is an important occasion. 

Cook Along

Maybe the thing you might miss most about your family Christmas is the traditional meal made from old handed down through the generation style recipes. Well, there is no reason your palette needs to be deprived of those brilliant flavours. Why not organise a cook along?

Each member of the family gathers their ingredients at different households, and the resident expert takes you step-by-step through the process, almost like your unique family cooking show. It can also be a great excuse to check in with loved ones at multiple points throughout the day. Checking on the progress, and even if you want to get a little competitive over whose plate looks the tastiest.

As well as this, it will allow you to take the recipe on and maybe the next Christmas you are all together you can impress by doing the cooking and letting the usual family chef put their feet up. There are some great websites out there sharing tips and advice on how to host a perfect family cook along. 

The Fresh Air Playlist

A common family tradition is a post-meal walk. A saunter outdoors might not seem as vital or even achievable if your Christmas is being celebrated from a distance, but a blast of fresh air can break up your day and help you maintain that festive feeling. Even a short stroll can help you feel good. With your headphones, you can still bring your family with you.

Why don’t you suggest making a joint playlist with the family which you can all listen along to while on your route? The playlist can be created of significant songs that let you stroll down memory lane or cheesy hits that would get your whole family dancing. You can even choose the tunes. Then after the walk, the family can have a game of trying to guess who chose what number and picking the family favourite. You can easily create a shared playlist on Spotify.

Finally, wherever you are and wherever your loved ones might be over the festive period, remember it is only one day. There is nothing to stop you putting up the decorations, exchanging gifts and pulling crackers on another day in the calendar when you can all be together again. 

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