How To Start Wearing False Eyelashes: For Beginners

For those who read the blog or follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I’ve been a bridal makeup artist for a long while. One of the topics that fascinates me with every wedding booking is the subject of false lashes.

Let’s face it, lashes aren’t just having a major moment right now, they are always having a moment. All you have to do is scroll Instagram and see that they are one of the easiest ways to “up” your makeup game.

Eyelash extensions are great if you rely on constantly fuller and flirtier lashes, but they can cause havoc to your natural lashes if you endlessly wear them, and sometimes there’s just nothing better than applying a pair of false lashes which can be removed after your occasion.

However, for those who have never worn them before – which is what I see a lot during bridal makeup – the endless options and application process can be intimidating.

Here are a number of simple steps to ease you into the world of false eyelashes, how to get a seamless application and how to get the results you want for that incredible faux flutter.

1. Pick a style that is ‘you’

You know you are wearing the faux lashes that are perfect for you when they enhance your eyes and add a touch of glamour to your existing look. They need to suit your eyeshape, so it’s worth having a read of the below tips:

  • If you have almond-shaped eyes, or you design your eye makeup and winged liner to reflect the cat-eye look, seek out a strip lash that’s tapered towards the ends, where you’ll find the lashes are shorter on the side closest to your nose and feather out longer and whispier at the ends.
  • If you have round or deep-set eyes, look for a pair that are quite full on the whole way around the band, which brings your eyes out to be the focal point. The lashes should ideally be the same length across the whole band.
  • If you’re a complete newbie to falsies, you can get 3/4 lashes or lashes which are sparser and not as full on. These ones will easily transition you into the world of false lashes.

2. Consider the lash type

There is such a diverse range these days, from premium designs to cheaper versions, faux mink to real mink. Luckily, a quality false eyelashes online store will let you search for cruelty-free types if that is what you are after, or they can let you zoom in on human and synthetic hair to be precise. One of my favourites is as I find they retail allllll the brands and the styles I’ve ever needed, and often run deals which lets me stock up nicely!

If you’re on a bit of a budget shop, you can’t beat looking at Ardell, whose Demi Wispies are a cult favorite. Eylure tend to be an all time favourite of mine, though. I have never once had a style which has proved disappointing, and I purchase these from False Eyelashes.

If you’re looking for an investment lash that is made from real luxury lashes, look for

3. Explore magnetic lashes

Not everyone is going to be a dab-hand at lash application, so don’t feel like a failure if strip lashes which require glue just aren’t working for you.

Magnetic lashes burst onto the eyelash scene a couple of years ago, but have become more sophisticated and professional in the past 12 months than ever before.

All the best brands that sites like retail, like Ardell, Eylure and Kiss, offer quality magnetic lashes which are a safer option for those who like to class themselves as more amateurs with lash application. You even have the choice of magnetic lash and liner kits, which have suddenly become a real show stopper in the beauty industry, or just magnetic lashes on their own.

There are also cost advantages of magnetic lashes, as if you take proper care with delicately handling them, they can be worn many more times than the standard, classic glued or pre-glued false eyelashes. 

Overall I’d say that if the thought of gluing your lashes on sounds messy and is something you’re keen to steer away from, then magnetic lashes are totally worth a try. More so now than ever before due to the improved magnetic application which is now super easy to use.

3. Trim your false lashes first to properly fit your eyes

Whenever I say to my bridal makeup clients that I may need to snip their false lashes, they always assume I mean the length of the actual lashes that whisp out. What I mean is the actual length of the strip, as the very first step of proper lash application should be placing those falsies against the lash line and seeing if either end needs snipping slightly.

Remember that not all eyes are the same size! It only takes a minute to see how the lashes fit your natural eye shape, and it’s an essential step. More often than none the strip band is too long, which means it just takes a little trim at one of the ends (I opt for the inner end because the outer end is usually whispier and fluffier). But this is really up to you which end you would like to cut away at.

4. Be patient with glue application

A lot of people can be put off by the glue application, and can get impatient when waiting for it to try. Remember it is vital to wait 10 seconds or longer for the glue to go ‘tacky’ before placing the strip lashes onto the natural lash line.

If you do it any earlier you risk being left with a gloopy mess. Wait too long (thing over 30/40 seconds) and the lashes may be a little too tackly and they don’t quite stick right to the inner corner.

A good tip is to squeeze a little bit of glue onto the back of your hand and gently dab the lashes through the glue to pick up a very small amount of the glue first. You can always go back and dab more into into. Remember that the glues these days are advanced, so any unsightly white glue tends to dry clear.

Hold the lashes in place for around 10 seconds, patting the lashes into your natural lash line. Do this for longer to ensure a secure stick.

5. Add some little finishing touches

Once the lashes are stuck down securely and they look fabulous, there are a few mini finishing touches you can do to set the style. The first trick whcih is very popular is to draw a fine line of black eyeliner over the band to fill in any gaps – also great for blending a more harsh lash line.

If you are adament the lashes are securley stuck, you can also give the falsies a little squeeze with a gentle lash curler and go over the lashes with a final coat of mascara- especially if the lashes are very natural looking.

6. Take care upon removing

If you’ve sank a fair few prosecco’s on a girls night, it may be tempting to pull of the lashes when you stumble home. Try to remember not to do this 0 you want to try and get another use out of the strip lashes, as well as looking after your natural lashes underneath too!

As a proper removal can extend the ‘lash life’ of faux lashes and take care of your natural ones, the best tip is to soak a cotton swab in oil-free makeup remover first and lightly dab it along your lash line, gently smudging and rolling it out like a mascara wand as you go. Then slowly lift the lash strip off, starting from one end. Remove the lashes first before washing your face and removing the rest of your make up.

Once you have mastered the art of false lash application and removal, you’ll realise it’s so much easier and stress-free than you once thought. The best thing about modern days is that the quality has hugely improved, with a huuuuuge array of styles to suit everyone’s eye shape and lash taste.

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