How To Prepare Your Children For Driving Lessons Before They Start

If you have kids who want to learn how to drive, it can be challenging to remove your parent hat and put an instructor’s hat. After all, it’s a job best left to the professionals.

That being said, it is always important that your kids see how you drive so that they can know a thing or two before they get into the car with a proper instructor. You don’t have to jump into the role of an instructor, and you certainly shouldn’t be letting them drive. But, you can teach them a thing or two in preparation beforehand.

Below, we will look at a few things you need to keep in mind when showing your kids how to handle a car and the road.

Start with the Basics

It can be surprising to learn how many parents get in the driving seat and start showing their kids what they need to do without teaching them the basics first. They will need to learn driving theory before they take practical driving lessons but there are a few things you could show them. For example, you could talk to them about what different pedals do as well as how to handle the steering wheel. You could also show them how to check if the car is roadworthy because this is one of the areas a lot of learner drivers fail in their driving exams.

It is also important to point out the mistakes other more experienced drivers make so that they are not confused if the lessons you are giving them differ from what other drivers do on the road.

Learn to Communicate

Clear lines of communication are very important when you are teaching your kid to drive. Try to pull back the parent persona and be more of a friend. They want to get the information you are giving to them in a clear manner without fear of being shouted at.

Non-verbal communication is important too. When they see that you are relaxed behind the wheel as you show them the ropes, they will be a lot more relaxed when it is their turn to get behind the wheel.

Train Them for the Future

Showing your kids how it is done is not all about telling them what to do; you have to show them how to do it. Some good examples are showing them what routes to take as well as how they can handle parking and other drivers. You want to show them where things can go wrong before they go wrong.

Let them sit in the passenger seat and point out the routes they might be taking regularly when they learn, and the best or worst spots for parking, or even those super tight corners.

They Will Need Provisional Insurance

Before your kids can drive, they need to have provisional insurance. The UK law mandates that provisional drivers will need insurance before they get on the road. Quotezone is one of the best comparison websites to find the best provisional insurance coverage. They allow you to see and compare prices and quotes from different insurance providers, so you can select the right one for your kid.

Driving is a major part of many people’s lives. It is therefore important that if your kids want to learn how to drive, you should take them out in your own car with you behind the wheel so they can learn something from you. Do not forget to teach them the basics, show them where danger lurks, and that driving does not have to be hard.

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