Letterbox Isolation Gifts For Friends and Family

When lockdown arrived, it gave me the kick I needed to work on a print store idea I’d had for a good while.

I’d been thinking about creating inspiring, motivational wall prints for a long while. But sitting down and writing and researching the poem, finding illustration inspiration, the right messaging, frame suppliers, print paper… it was all a little too much when my ‘day job’ was pretty full on.

As an online content creator, work is a little quieter during the pandemic, so I’m happy to have found a gap in my usual busy work life to sit down and get busy with creating my prints.

And now the Etsy shop is booming – 2 months after officially launching it (I did set up Etsy back in 2019 but never actually uploaded to the shop. The intentions were there!)

Among the designs, there is a full Zodiac collection, sharing inspiring poetry reflecting the traits of each star sign. Each print is finished off with celestial inspired hand illustrations.

The best sellers, however, are currently the ‘She is Strong’, She is Brave’ and ‘She is Beautiful’ prints – making thoughtful gives during isolation.

There are also prints designed to gift to family and friends during quarantine, such as ‘Miss you, Girl’, ‘You’re my Bestie’, and ‘Love you, Mum’.

You can now view the full shop over at my Etsy store here.

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