How To Make Your Home Festive Season Ready

In America, as soon as November begins, they are fully in ‘holiday mode’. They refer to the period as the holidays, where they pride themselves with creating filled-the-the-brim dinner tables hosting lots of extended family around the a busy and bustling house. The fireplace is roaring, and there’s decorations and joy all around the home.

However, let’s face it: this year’s festivities are going to look a bit different. Most of us won’t be able to travel to see family, and we’re not even too sure what the rules will be like.

Although we can’t exactly plan, we have to imagine that the UK festive season at home might not be this big and busy celebration we used to have. It might be quieter, with more intimate gatherings and low key activities.

That being said, we’re at home so much more nowadays that it’s the best time to get our homes ready for Christmas. We’ve got a good two months now staying at home, so we might as well focus on doing up our homes to become winter ready, and perfect for the festive season. So, what are the home trends for Winter and Christmas 2020? Here, I present my findings and predictions…

Wooden Floors and Fluffy Rugs

Think of an alpine style for your home this Winter, which is an interior trend that is super on-trend for A/W 2020 and into 2021. It’s in keeping with a Scandi theme, having a natural looking solid wood floor layered with shaggy, fluffy rugs. There is nothing that looks more luxe than real wood flooring, and by layering with a rug, coffee table and lighting a cosy fire, you don’t have to sacrifice that ‘cold’ appearance or feeling.

Keep your sofas minimal, like a modern grey corner sofa or a plush black leather three piece. You can drape throws and large cushions over them to give them a cosy Winter-esque, Christmas feel.

All about lighting

While we’re on lockdown and staying at our homes more this Winter, the one way to get our homes looking more festive from as earyl as possible is to invest in quality lighting. It’s all about twinkle lights and tapered candles, creating a warm hub which is homely and gives a nod to festivity.

But be careful – you don’t want to go too gimmicky. Remember we’re still talking about an interior trend to remain throughout your home, and not just for the festive season.

A contemporary way to inject some magic to any space is to bring in extra cozy lighting by adding battery powered twinkle lights to glass hurricane jars, light tapers on a fireplace mantel piece, or church style candle votives to deep window sills. Also, look for floor lighting – those large floor lamps which can be encased with bamboo features or glass casing, keeping the look fresh and minimal.

Improve what you have

Don’t feel you have to rush online to order lots of Christmas and festive-esque items for your home to make it all beautiful this Christmas. Money can be tight for a lot of people right now, so if this is you, try to upscale and improve on what you have. Think about re-painting the focus points of your home for Christmas, like the dining room table, fireplace or TV unit, if these are wood. A lick of white paint will brighten and refresh, yet a dark wood colour will give that warming Winter vibe.

Simplify yet stay statement

It’s all about simple yet statement features for the home this Winter, which means any centerpieces should be paired back. A sleek modern fireplace can be adorned with a set of beautiful candles and surrounding greenery, but keep other accessories away (like photoframes and ornaments).

Keep curtains long and plain, and shelving filling with minimalist arrangements. Just bear in mind ‘simple yet statement’ when buying anything for the home. You want some pieces to look beautiful and grand, yet without being over fussy with too much going on.

Create festive magic from the outside.

Our last point is a little ‘naff’, but remember that 2020 has brought up challenging, divisive conversations and times, so it’s a great time to try and bring joy to our homes to brighten our moods. This year, I feel that more of us will be putting time and effort into bringing that much needed holiday cheer to our home’s exterior. At one point it may have felt like too much effort, but with being at home for the foreseeable, it’s definitely not a waste of time now! Even if you’re living in an apartment, consider placing battery-lit candles in your windows, or installing a simple wreath outside of your living room window.

Don’t let the 2020 pandemic dull your homes sparkle this festive season!

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