How to Make a Small Space In Your Home Look Impressive

Despite the size of your space, it can make a big impression that is positive one when you know how. The person living in the space must be aware of attention to detail, storage, decor and minimalism, with a little bit of good taste thrown in for good measure! Your finances are not necessarily an important factor if you are creative or have access to creative options for your home. It’s amazing what you can do on a budget!

So if you have a small home, or a number of tiny rooms within your room you wish to improve and make them appear more spacious, have a read below for some home improvement space saving tips…

Making Your Home a Show Stopper

Start with space. In any home, you will need to carve out space to sit and entertain, to sleep and dress, to prepare meals and eat, and whatever you like! You may also need to study, work, or to exercise in your home, especially with the lockdown measures. If your space is small, you will need to ensure these spaces are carefully thought out. You may need to make some areas capable of being used for more than one activity, as mentioned above.

Think about the storage, the walls, the floor space… could you be utilising this better?

Make Space Useful for More Than One Activity

  • Look at murphy beds or hideaway beds with a twin size mattress
  • Explore folding wall-mounted tables, great for small kitchens and diners
  • Folding screens and work wonders for splitting a room in two and creating an organised split
  • Rolling walls on tracks, shelving, stacking storage that climbs up the wall – all these can utilise that extra bit of space!

Make a First Impression in the Entry Way of Your Home

Once you have undertaken steps to limit the items that can create mess and too much ‘noise’ in your home (i.e have a huge clear out and de-clutter!), you are then free to begin setting up the area that creates that first impression of your home.

This first impression can begin with the curbside view of your home. It can extend to your front entry and the reception area of your home. If your porch and hallway are very small, keep them clutter-free and minimal, replicating a Scandi style always works! White walls, a touch of greenery from plants, a neat welcome mat, a plain coloured floor or one shaded carpet. Avoid drawers at the door stashed with items, or ‘things’ piling up. If you can keep a coat rack hidden away that’s great, but if not, use a wall mounted row of hooks and only keep the coat you wear daily hung onto this. Others can go in your wardrobe!

Making the Big First Impression

What kind of impression do you want to make? Are you expressing your love of a particular thing? Are you sharing your unique style? Do you favour a particular type of design like country living, modern design, industrial design, or period living?

You can work on this with colours, accessories, fabrics and finished. Pinterest and Instagram are great for inspiration here.

Working With a Single Space

  1. A small bedroom can be impressive by its shape, the arrangement of furnishings and its decor
  2. A kitchen can be impressive by its lighting, the simplicity of its storage, and its functionality
  3. A home office achieves an impression by its functionality and its desk which tends to be a focal point. Remember a desk with drawers will keep clutter away from the desktop and out of eyesight.
  4. A small exercise room becomes impressive if it is furnished successfully. Despite its size, it has all the tools necessary to deliver a healthy body, has plenty of mirrors, and soft flooring for floor exercises. Look at a rack to hold weights, a large work out mat on the floor with space around it, and a neat basket to throw any toweling into it to avoid piling things up on the floor.

Highlight a Theme

Consider showcasing an interest you hold somewhere in the home. If it’s music, could you mount your guitar on the wall or frame LP’s or illustrations of your favourite bands?

Allow the interest to dictate the decor of the room, paint or wall treatment, as long as it remains classy. Everything should accentuate the same theme to complete a picture. If you go for illustrations in one room, keep them up in the next with the same colour frames. If you appreciate shelving with photos and books, make them reflect a theme and have the same element appear in other rooms, too. The more complete the saturation of the theme, the greater the impression.

Look at Unique Focal Points

If the space features a focal point that is impressive, then simply having complementary surroundings makes the whole room part of the impression. For instance, if you are featuring a piece of art or antique item, make sure whatever is within it’s vicinity complements it instead of overshadowing it.

If you have a gallery wall on your staircase with travel inspiration and real-life photos, keep the rest of the stairway free and clear from clutter and colour. This makes the images take central stage, and be more appreciated and ‘focal’.

If you want to feature rustic dried flowers on a pretty dining room table, make sure the vases and accessories that sit around it are in keeping and help the flowers to look the part.

Match Your Colours

If you have a small room, make sure that the walls, carpet and curtains all match. You don’t have to go as far as cushions or accessories, but if the others all match and flow into one another, it creates the illusion of a more open, wider space.

Things To Avoid

Making a small space appear impressive is no small task. It requires extreme effort, especially if you have a lot of belongings! Anything dark, like dingy windows, heavy curtains, dark colour palettes and deep wood will instantly make the room appear more closed in, and not be as inviting as one with natural light and fresh, bright decor.

With furniture, opt for sofas and armchairs that are raised on legs, which creates a sense of light and space.

Buy multi-functional furniture, such as ottomans, which can be used as both a coffee table and extra seating, all at once. Include mirrors in your space! The reflection will make a room look bigger.

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