How Can I Join NuSkin and Join a NuSkin Team?

How do I join NuSkin? This was something I had typed into search myself earlier on this year, after seeing the LumiSpa device blow up on social media and around the internet. I for one had had my eye on the LumiSpa device for some time, but aware of it’s steep price, I’d waited until I could find the cheapest offer.

That’s the beauty of NuSkin brand affiliates and ambassadors – when you team up with NuSkin, you can send out whatever discounts you want on the products. Even if the discount is hefty, the brand affiliate will always earn a comission.

So earlier this year in July, I got my hands on the worlds number 1 facial cleansing device, the LumiSpa. I’ve documented my journey via Instagram stories and on my page too, so the best way to see the raw results of how it’s helped clear my acne you can see over there. I basically always suffered acne and breakouts, and then had lots of jaw acne when I got pregnant in May this year.

Fast forward to 3/4 months using the LumiSpa, and I no longer get those pesky bumps along my jaw. Under the skin bumps and big sore spots have gone, and when I have had the occasional spot, it’s faded in a matter of 2 days rather than the two weeks they usually stay and scar!

Anyway, I’ll put a separate post together about how I’ve personally found the LumiSpa to work. Today’s post is answering those who want to know how to join Nuskin as an ambassador/brand affiliate, and use it as a beauty buisness on the side, which can even turn into a full time job for those who absolutley smash the beauty buisness!

First of all, you have to sign up via someone who already is part of NuSkin. They will become your upline, and if you fall under the right person, you can receive some fantastic training and support. There are lots of groups and teams out there who regularly have zoom meetings, training sessions, meet ups and more, all to share tips on how to make your NuSkin business grow and excel.

I joined as part of a team called The Beauty Base, there are currently 4 of us girls in the UK with a larger team in Australia. I have a fabulous upline called Kara, who has also had amazing results with her own acne using the NuSkin products and LumiSpa device. I’ve started to build a team below me too, and within a couple of months, The Beauty Base has really started to grow. We’re a team of girls extremely passionate about beauty and skincare, and more so, are enjoying thriving from the side line business, earning extra money every week (yep, payday is weekly!) for talking about products that are genuinely brilliant and high quality.

Want to join NuSkin?

If you are keen to join NuSkin and start earning a second living from sharing your skincare and beauty story with the products, then it’s super super easy. Drop me an email at or send me a DM on Instagram here, and I would be more than happy to explain a little more about how it works, what we do, the top products, how my beauty business has grown, our video calls, training, motivational and mindset sessions …. the list goes on! It’s such a fantastic beauty business that I joined and I’m so happy to share it with others.

And to finish off this post, I’m sharing the top products from NuSkin that I genuinely love and buy on repeat for myself. The skincare is phenomenol but they also do an incredible hair mask too!

  1. The LumiSpa Cleansing kit
  2. Glacier Marine Mud Mask
  3. Renu Hair Mask
  4. NuSkin Moisture Mist
  5. NuSkin AHA Facial Peel

When you join NuSkin, you get access to wholesale prices from the full business, and you’re able to earn sharing bonuses every time someone joins the site, either as a shopper, a member or a brand affiliate. And the best bit? Hefty commission on the products!

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