How to Create An Arts and Crafts Hobby with These Amazing Materials

Once you start playing around with arts and crafts, it’s pretty difficult to stop, especially when you start creating projects that are both aesthetically beautiful and intensely satisfying to finish.

In fact, I’d go as far as to say being more in tune with your arty side is incredibly therapeutic. It can take your mind off those pressing topics, take you to another world, unleash creative skills and ease your mind. The perfect distraction from life troubles, I would say!

The other best part about arts and crafts, however, is the nearly-unlimited choices you have for materials. It’s an endless game of pencils, paint, textures, colours and add sorts.

Here, we collected some of the best materials we feel you should have in your arts and crafts corner. These materials are pretty versatile and can be used in any kind of project imaginable.

Print Ain’t Dead

Everyone loves a good print design, so make sure you stock up on various types of ink and pens. Remember, though, that calligraphy pens are very different from standard pens, although you can probably still use a ballpoint pen for certain designs.

stamp set can  also be a great addition to your materials collection, especially if you get a set that’s custom-designed to your aesthetic needs. Mix and match your stamp designs with different stamp pad ink colors to really get the best out of your set.

For larger products, consider using a soft, rubber brayer, a type of roller that’s used to distribute the ink evenly across large surfaces. You can also customize your brayer’s roller with distinct patterns for easy roll-on designs.

A Multi-sensory Experience

Textiles and different types of cloth can add a much-needed touch of texture to any project. In general, yarn, craft felt, and various fabric scraps are a great addition to your collection, while more advanced crafters might use exotic materials like wool, felt, muslin, or even burlap. Mix and match these materials until you find the right type of texture that you want to convey to your recipient.

But don’t limit yourself to cloths!  Air-drying clay, woodblocks, polymer clay, and even aluminum foil can be used to give your arts and crafts project a three-dimensional aspect that will elevate it from everyone else’s.

Pompoms and cotton balls are also wonderful (not to mention cheap!) materials that give your project a playful and fuzzy texture. They’re also easy to use, and because they’re cheap, you can easily replace them should you make a mistake.

On a String

Much like textiles, strings and beads give your arts and crafts project much more subtle textures, depending on the type of string you use. The most popular arts and craft string is the humble thread, the choice material for anyone making string art. But don’t limit yourself to common thread: experiment with straw strings, reusable plastic strings, and even soft steel wires to give your art a touch of uniqueness.

Beads, on the other hand, are perfect for simple jewelry projects and can be classy or fun depending on the material you use: pony beads are perfect for a quick, inexpensive bracelet for kids, while glass beads can be turned into Swarovski-esque masterpieces if you work hard enough.

Try a Class

Lastly, if you’re too intimidated by various arts and craft shops or have no idea where to start (totally normal!) then why not look at beginners art classes? You can tailor these to the type of art and crafts you’re interested in.

For example, I’m doing a calligraphy class in February, and I know a lot of people that have taken a beginners art class, or even a knitting or sewing class! Discover which area of arts and crafts appeals to you the most, and it’s fine to try out a lesson first.

Again, these are all just suggestions. Your creativity is your only limit, so get out there and experiment with as many materials as you can!

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