Beauty: How I Cleared Under Eye Milia and Improved My Complexion

Over the Christmas and New Year period, I developed a skin issue which was completely inconvenient. I’d heard lots about it before, but had luckily managed to escape ever having it. However, it appeared that my luck had run out. I developed those pesky white Milia spots sitting underneath my eyes.

If you aren’t too clued up on Milia, you may have heard of it being referred to as ‘milk spots’. In a nutshell, they are a build-up of keratins, showing as a clogged lump. They look similar to white heads, but look a little more ‘fattier’. If you mistake them for white heads and start poking and squeezing, you’re looking at permanent damage to the under eye area. So they are best left untouched and unpicked!

As I didn’t want to be making any trips to the GP over my Christmas holidays, I decided to leave it and tackle the problem in January, if it got worse. By this time, I had introduced a few new items to my skincare regime, and focused on using them throughout December and January, morning and evening.

Anyway, it was because I’m a beauty editor during the day that I came across an article about Milia yesterday, and I suddenly realised – mine has gone. Completely gone. No traces of those white spots sitting there at all. I cast my mind back to every step of my new skincare regime over the past 6 weeks, and realised these new products must have made an impact, with two steps in particularly standing out.

So, how did I do it? This is what I think has cleared it. I can’t say 100%, but it seems very possible!

Pixi Glow Tonic

I started using this product as a toning step to my cleansing regime, and raved about it straight away (you can read my full review here). I drench a cotton pad with the liquid, and swipe it around my face after cleansing, morning and night, before spritzing with Caudalie Beauty Elixir mist, and applying eye cream and moisturiser.

However, I use this toner around my eyes, and use it to get close to the lash line to remove traces of mascara and eyeliner. Perhaps the 5% glycolic acid in this product sheds away the problem skin cells around my eyes and in essence, has cleared up these fatty deposit spots? Who knows, but all I know is that since using this toning product, my milia has vanished.

I’ve noticed this toner brings a fresh glow to my skin, which was the main purpose in purchasing it. So if it has the added benefit of ridding my eye area of pesky lumps, then bonus!

Organic Eye Cream and Moisturiser

I was never adamant on using organic, natural beauty products over the ones with science backed, active developed ingredients, although I always knew the benefits. But saying that, I’d had some exceptional results from some much harsher ingredient products, so I was very much give or take.

And then I discovered a number of organic products which I completely fell in love with, all rich in natural ingredients such as Manuka honey, grade seed oils, floral extracts and essential oils. More importantly, I switched to an organic skincare eye cream, packed with skin soothing properties and kiwi to brighten the dark skin.

Perhaps this potent blend of natural, non-irritant ingredients have contributed to the clearer complexion I’m sporting today? Has utilising organic skincare into my regime really helped soothe the delicate area, and clear away any signs of irritation? I mean – was my Milia outbreak caused by irritation? Again, I can’t be sure,  but its food for thought.

There are so many natural, organic brands out there these days. One website which gives you extensive information organic skincare and all the available products is Beyond Organic Skincare, which shows you some luscious, cruelty-free products and gift sets

Advanced Oils

I recently discussed facial oils in a recent beauty post here, and this is a step I’ve employed recently with my skincare regime. I’ve been using the Beuti Sleep Elixir facial oil as a final step before going to sleep at night, although I haven’t been applying this to my eye area. However, if you suffer from dry skin with an uneven skin tone, I highly recommend this. The oil absorbs without a trace straight into the skin, leaving a nourished, silky smooth finish on application. What’s best is that when I wake up in the morning, it still feels like this. It’s pure luxury in a glass bottle!

It also features 98% organic oils, so it’s literally packed with chia seed, bitter cherry, blueberry and cranberry seed oils to name a few. Lovely…

I’ve also been trying out the Perricone MD Brightening Eye Cream, but literally for the past 4 days, so I can safely say this product hasn’t been what has turned around my Milia problem. So far, it’s acting as a dream, slowly diffusing the dull circles. Either that or I’ve been getting a little more shut eye than usual this week.

I can’t properly review the Perricone MD product just yet, but I’ll give it another 4 weeks and come back with my thoughts!

As mentioned, I can’t claim for sure that this skincare regime using these products has been the exact cure. But if anything, my diet and sleep patterns have been slightly worse, so it definitely hasn’t been down to a healthy lifestyle. Either way, I hope the dreaded Milia doesn’t return. It is NOT welcome…

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