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We’re only in the fourth week of January, and I’ve already had invites come through for two baby showers. For me, 2017 is the baby boom year, with several friends of mine expecting first babies. Aside from that, it’s also the year two of my good friends get married, with another four the year after. So you can imagine what my fridge looks like – clogged up with various invites!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a creative type myself so I love a good paper invite. But I feel obliged to hold onto them when so much effort and money has gone into the creative and design of them. But there’s only so many my fridge can have displayed with magnets.

I have to admit, I don’t overly enjoy baby showers. Baby bingo and pin-the-dummy-on-the-baby is not my ideal way of spending a Saturday afternoon. However, when it involves lunching on afternoon tea and gossiping with a room full of ladies, well that’s a different story.

This year, I’m planning a few events of my own, such as a blogger event for my dress boutique I run, and also as a Maid of Honour, I’ll be sorting out some hen party invites later this year. And not to mention my birthday in May! When researching invite designs and ideas the other day, I came across a website which I found pure genius, therefore the point of this blog post.

The genius website is – a site dedicated to helping you create online and paper stationery that reflects your individual aesthetic.

baby shower food
Paperless Post host a huge array of distinctive, customizable designs and powerful online tools which make it easy to communicate expressively on any occasion. From birthdays, weddings, baby showers and those milestone life events, you can pick a pre-made pretty design, change around some of the images and personalise as you like.

Paperless Post also collaborates with leading fashion and lifestyle designers, including kate spade new york, Oscar de la Renta, Jonathan Adler, and John Derian. I’m a huge fan of these stylish designers – especially Kate Spade – so I particularly was inspired from this discovery.

baby shower food

In a nutshell, I’m a tech girl at heart. I’m 100% glued to my laptop and iPad, and will gladly exchange communications over email than phone or post. So you can why discovering Paperless Post is a genius find for me.

Some of my friends may be horrified. They send these gorgeous, keepsake style cards in lightly fragranced envelopes, and here’s me planning my next years events by clicking ‘send’ and firing out a mass invite to various friends. But hey – I’m unapologetic. It’s affordable, its quick, it’s simple, and I can personalise and go as crazy as I like, to my heart’s content!

Some of the designs below are what I found when looking under the baby shower category. I’m yet to finalise the design I want for my dress boutique event, but I’m positive I’ll find a fashionable one which fits the theme of the event – no problemo.

baby shower invite
If you’re the one hosting and organising the baby shower, a situation I have found myself in various times over the past year, don’t be afraid to ‘pinch’ ideas and inspirations from other guides to give you some help. I found this little how-to pretty useful, and also Pinterest can lead to some websites for decorations, games and invite creative too.

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