How Berries Can Help Your Mind and Body Healthy

Berries have a lot of amazing benefits and some of which, people do not know too much about. They are wonderful fruits that you can put in drinks, salads, desserts, and others love to use them to adorn their pancakes and other foods.

No matter if your favorites are raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, or a hybrid like boysenberries, they always taste good raw and are more nutritious when left uncooked.

Choose various berries to add to your diet to tap the many benefits that they provide to your body, As there are many ways these tasty treats keep you healthy. In this article, you will learn how eating berries will help you to stay healthy. Let’s explore some of the health benefits…

Help prevent diseases

Various studies support that berries help prevent diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Berries contain polyphenolics that help to remove built-up toxins in the brain that cause Alzheimer’s disease, in many instances among the elderly. Having at least two servings of berries per week helps to reduce the risk of these diseases by 30%. So, it is best to enjoy berries as much as you – and look for all the different varieties! There are so many these days, so it’s easy to jazz up your diet with a selection.  

Help with urinary tract infection

Blueberries and cranberries help prevent urinary tract infections, which you have probably heard about predominatley with cystitis. As for cranberries, they are best when you consume them as juice instead of the fruit form.

Cranberry juice has always been known to help prevent urinary tract infections, but did you know that blueberries have a similar effects if you want better urinary tract health? Both these berries are amazing, and you can purchase the juice in supermarkets or make it at home.

Source of fiber 

All berries consist of 85% water, and the rest is mostly fiber. Fiber is an integral part of a healthy diet, and thus, adding berries to your diet ensures you add fiber to your body too. Through this, you are helping with maintaining your weight, as the fiber helps with bowel movement. Notably, to get the fiber you need to eat the fruit, not the juice from it. Since there is no fiber in juice, even when it is 100% berry juice, it’s advised to eat the berries whole or grind your berries in a smoothie if you need to get the fiber. 

Prevent heart diseases 

All berries help to prevent heart diseases, which is a good thing to bear in mind usually for later on in life. When you add berries to your diet regularly, each piece of cholesterol-free, fat-free, and nutrient-packed berry that you eat is a step away from heart diseases.

Many studies support this benefit to encourage more people to consume berry fruits. Therefore, if you can, it is vital to have berries if possible daily or at least as often as you can, especially when you are in yours 40’s onwards.

They say a colourful diet is brilliant for you, and you’ll find berries come in many various colours. The more colours you add to your diet, the better! A rainbow diet is one rich in vitamins and nutrients, so try adding berries to your oats in the morning, salad in the day, pancakes, desserts… among various other ways to spruce up your dish. 

Rich in folate 

Folate, also known as vitamin B, is largely present in berries. Therefore, it helps in improving cardiovascular health. Also, it is important in helping to stave off depression and other mood disorders. They also say that pregnant women benefit from folate as it helps to prevent neurological birth defects and fetal growth disorders, hence why eating berries is often said as an essential health tip for pregnant women and unborn babies. 

Helps with diabetes 

Berries can help prevent and manage diabetes due to the nutrients that they have. Berries are known to help prevent type 2 diabetes, so this is a great reason to add berries in your diet. However, if you also have diabetes as an existing condition, berries are great to start consuming as they help to manage it when it comes to blood sugar levels.

For instance, if you are a diabetic looking for a sweet treat, berries are high in fiber, and they are a sweet fruit that you can consume that does not contain actual sugar, you know, the bad sugars that you’ll find laden in cakes and chocolate.

Prevents mental decline 

Women who eat strawberries and blueberries at least three times a week, according to studies, have less mental decline than those that do not consume a diet like thus.

So as women age, it is vital that they should be aware of incorporating berries in their diet to postpone cognitive decline, especially for women in their 60s. Since berries have flavonoid compounds, they are responsible to cross the blood brainer barrier and locate in the memory and learning centers in the brain. 

Reduces the risk of developing cancer 

Various berries, according to studies, are found helpful in preventing cancer. For instance, blueberries are known to protect against colon cancer, which is the second most common cancer in women. Also, raspberries and blackberries contain ellagic acid that helps to prevent cancer.

Since cooking these berries does not destroy their effectiveness, taking it in pies and jams also confers this health benefit. Cranberries are also amazing berries that help to improve the general health of your body and have chemicals that prevent the formation of cancer cells.

Help in weight loss 

Berries, because of their liquid and fiber content, tend to give you a sense of fullness. Besides, when you feel sated, it is an important part of managing your daily diet. So try nutrition rich recipes that you can add berries, for instance, fresh fruit sauces, pairing with nuts like almonds and yogurts for a fast snack, as a salad dressing, and also you can simply just eat them plain on their own.

Since they are low in calories, you can load up on them without adding on any pounds. As most of it is more of water that has no calories, and they are a better alternative to snack on than a bag of crisps or sweets!

In conclusion, it is important to add berries in your diet to keep you and your body healthy. Fortunately, you can add them to almost any diet. So with the many health benefits that are discussed here, it is wise to try to add more berries to your diet, to get the many benefits that they offer. They not only taste great, but berries are healthy for you and will do no damage to your health – so start working them in as soon as you can for an alternative sweet treat.  

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