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One of the most popular rooms in anyone’s house should be the living room – or lounge – whatever you wish to call it. It’s usually the room for gathering or entertaining, it’s for relaxing and unwinding, and it’s usually the main room you’ll bring people into first. I guess it’s called ‘living room’ for a reason!

Lately, with myself being a little all over the show with work and my boyfriend living in Stoke, I don’t spend nearly as much time in my own living room as I’d like to. But I have to admit I just adore the room. It’s so cosy and cottage styled, cutesy and modern… it’s a real reflection of how I always envisaged a living room to look.

I’m no interior pro, but I do want to share with you some of the top tips I learnt along the way to make the most of your living room, and to update it sensibly. There’s a few areas which are much more important that others, so here we go!

1. Have Some Premium Touches

By this, I don’t mean spend a fortune on sterling silver accessories and designer named furniture. I just mean more along the lines of the odd luxury item on display, in good eye line, which gives your living room that ‘ooh la la’ feel. For me, I do this with books and prints. I have a Hugo Boss notebook on my coffee table, and a Coco Chanel Autobiography sitting on top of it. They appear luxe, but it’s really just clever purchases for accessories (I am a huge fashion fan mind, so these do reflect my personality!).

Look for little additions which scream premium on first glance, but don’t require spending hundreds on (like furniture…). Wall prints are a good idea for this too.

2. Use Wall Space Cleverly

In hindsight, I wish I had mounted my TV on my wall above my fireplace as an ultimate space-saver. You can see from the photo directly above that my TV sits to the left hand corner of the room. Which is fine, but a nice, rustic bookcase could go there instead, or it would at least give me a solid corner to host my Christmas Tree!

Look at ways you can save space by the simple art of wall mounting, adding shelves, or using height to keep things off the floor and corners.

3. Be Creative With Mirrors

Nothing gives the illusion of more space than mirrors, so use them wisely. I made the mistake of buying a lot of my wall pieces on a budget when I first moved in, and now I realise I should have splashed out a little more and purchased those huge wall mirrors that I really wanted. A large one placed above the fireplace, reflected with one on an opposite wall really does make the room multiple is size. Visually, of course!

Take a look at your living room and suss out where you could utilise mirrors. The circular one in the above shot is a perfect example – not only is it a little different from the usual styles, it really opens up the room and expands what the eye can see.

4. Invest in Windows and Doors

Since I moved into my house, I’ve never looked at updating the windows and doors, but this is an important one especially when you consider some of the things that can go wrong. I’ve started to get the first signs of damp, and although I’m not entirely sure how it’s come about, it sits around my windows. My next work project will be to look for some good quality windows, ideally aluminium for durability, strength, and also appearance.

It’s amazing just how much of a difference newer, updated windows can look in your living room – and kitchen for that matter – and how much different it makes to heat an insulation too. There are so many different designs and styles out there too, which is something we rarely think about. They really can transform the entire look, so if you’ve never updated yours (like me!) make it something to think about in 2017.

5. Keep It Cosy

Last but not least, a cosy house that has that welcoming, warming feel is a house everyone remembers. I light a few candles around my fireplace and fluff up my over-sized cushions to give a really lovely look and feel to my living room. To give a bit of character, display my guitar in the corner and drape my sofas with faux velvet throw overs, all adding to this ‘homely’ appearance.

Even if you’re someone who doesn’t like to go OTT with accessories or ‘things’ lying around, a couple of candles, plants and comfy cushions make all the different. So accessorise in style!

I hope these tips help to shine some light on your 2017 interior plans. Do let me know if you have any good ones of your own to share – always happy to hear!

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