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As I’m aware a lot of my posts recently have been about beauty, I thought I’d post today about some of the lovely new dresses I’ve been wearing this party season. I recently treated myself to a little shopping haul at Boohoo via ASOS, getting my hands on some beautiful pieces!

For those who don’t know, I absolutely love all the shades of grey. Que the fifty shades of grey jokes! But seriously, dark grey, silvery grey, light grey, grey marl…. it’s just so classy and timeless. I’m usually a firm wearer of the little black dress, but when it’s time for a change, I’ll always opt for grey.

emma campbell
Excuse the lack of full length photos, but hopefully from the snaps I have from recent Christmas outings you can see what they look like when worn. The best bit is that both dresses – the Tilly Lace Panel Midi Dress (above) and the Kimono Sleeve Knotted Bodycon Dress – are both from the Boohoo Petite range, meaning they fit perfectly for those 5ft3 and under (and seeing as I’m a tiny 5ft3 and a size 6, these are ideally shaped for my small frame without drowning me).

The best bit however, is that I purchased both these dresses for ¬£16 and ¬£18 each, and they are literally timeless styles I’ll wear again and again, not just for Christmas. The Kimono one can even be worn with tights and a blazer for those important meetings and special occasions.

What I usually struggle with when it comes to party season shopping – or outfit hunting in general – is the fact I never now who does a petite range, who retails the smaller sizes, which retailers clothes are a true fit as reflected on site, and its such a nightmare trying to browse and figure out.

One of my solutions when shopping this year was to actually call up and find out everything I needed to know. Or, if I couldn’t do this, use an online chat function. For this I discovered¬†0345 numbers – a site which displays a full directory of telephone numbers, emails and online chat options. When you’re unsure about something from a retailer and just want to call them up – whether it’s popular online retailer ASOS or Swedish favourite H&M – it’s made super easy with a site that lets you just search and go!

The main questions for me is regarding a petite range, if they retail a size 6, and do their items fit smaller girls as well as they do on the model, and sometimes it’s just far more easier to get an online chat going with multiple retailers but I commit to buy.

Perhaps something like this may help you with your Christmas shopping!

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  1. December 21, 2016 / 8:33 am

    nice dress. you are looking gorgeous.

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