Here’s 10 Ways UK Offices Can Go Green

It’s easier than you think to follow a sustainable lifestyle when in the typical office environment. If you look into it, the office can actually provide lots of opportunities for going green.

From the suppliers your office uses to adjusting your office’s lighting system, there are many solutions. Currently, 20% of offices are ‘paperless’ as possible, which helps make a significant effort to reduce impact on the environment.

According to a recent survey, storing your work digitally is the way forward towards making your office green and healthier for the environment. Paper is one of the biggest wastes, with people disposing of it constantly without a second thought. But in today’s work, where emails and cloud based computing is mainstream, a paperless world looks achievable.

A recent survey carried out by Seareach has shared the ways of making your office more ‘green’, along with current figures.

Take a look and see what inspiration you and your workplace can pull from this:

  • Going Paperless – Storing all work digitally is currently being done by 20% of companies.
  • Labelled waste – 18% are currently using suitable recycling bins
  • Solar Panels – 14% are utilising solar panels for an electricity source
  • LED bulbs – 12% are using LED bulbs which use much less energy
  • Green Hating – 9% using renewable energy to heat buildings
  • Reusable Bottles – 7% are using reusable bottles
  • Bike Facilities – 6% are focusing on reducing travel emissions by travelling to work via bike
  • Electric Car Charging Points – 6% of offices are utilising electric car charging points
  • Motion-triggered lights 5% are using motion triggered lights to save on energy (lights are so easy to leave on all the time!)
  • Plants and natural light – 3% are currently utilising natural light and plants

How Can I Encourage My Employer To Want an Eco Friendly?

Sometimes, it takes a lot of persuading for employers to follow this route. For a start, sit with the management team – or sustainability team, which a lot of companies now employ – and discuss giving the office a ‘cosmetic’ update first. This can be a visual update to make the office look fresher, cleaner, and contemporary, before putting other steps in place.

Once this is done, it gives employers more of a ‘clean slate’ to work on the office. Plus, when an office looks more neutral and cleaner, it’s easier to get into that Earth-friendly frame of mind.

Paint the place ‘clean’ – An office with a neutral, white or Earthy colour palette will instantly shape minds to be more visually engaged with the eco-friendly message. There’s a lot to be said for what colour can do for the mindset. Call in the painters. Look at the option to paint office walls in London by CLOUDPAINTERS – a professional painting service. A professional job will be much quicker and more effective looking, ready for the rest of the office changes.

Go paperless – Scan and archive paperwork to help to move completely digital. The more you can store digitally and the less paper you use, the more you will transform your office into becoming green.

Label recycling waste bins – Clearly labelling your waste bins will help and encourage staff to recycle. With clear and concise instructions, it makes it easier for employees to follow. The easier you make this, the more people will follow the plan.

Solar panels for electricity – Solar panels are a great way to enable you to have lighting and run lower power appliances. The photovoltaic cells use the sun’s energy to provide a green renewable energy source.

Installing LED bulbs – A growing lighting trend! The energy consumption of LED lights can be up to a 75% saving, compared to halogen bulbs. This results in much less energy required and is a cost-effective effort towards your office running costs.

Green heating – The cheapest source for heating and is very efficient. Easy & cheap to install and performs well, using renewable energy.

Reusable water bottle(s) – Bring in your own water bottle that can be refilled at work. From this, you’ll reduce the number of discarded plastic bottles.

Bike facilities – Providing a bike rack can encourage employees to cycle to work, cutting down pollution and helping with general health and fitness.

Electric car charging points – Electric cars provide more energy efficiency up to 85-90%, over ICE (Internal Combustion Engines). These are overall much greener and don’t require expensive fossil fuels in order to operate.

Motion-detection lights – Having these all-around communal areas helps improves energy efficiency. These can be ideal in seldom used rooms or shared rooms, such as small meeting rooms. This will save energy if people are in and out and often forget to turn off lights.

Plants and natural light – Having plants in your office will aesthetically soften the work areas with boring colours and can help oxygenate the office.

Speaking about the study, Stuart Jailler at Seareach commented:

“As you can see from our list, there are various ways we can all help the environment. By contributing little by little every day, we all can do our part towards creating a healthier environment, reduce the number of waste that we generate and start recycling more.”

He continued:Interestingly, storing your paperwork digitally came out as favourite from our survey results. Non-essential paperwork, inefficient waste going to landfill and not being recycled and storing your work online, was primed the most important part towards making your working environment green. This was closely followed by clearly labelling your waste bins for recycling.”

The bottom line here is to assess everything in sizeable chunks. You can look at things in categories as office supplies, printers, computers, lighting, travel, heating and cooling, recycling waste, and personal items, like using mugs and water bottles instead of plastic/paper cups.

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