6 Things to Keep in Mind About Ring Resizing: Should You Just Get a New One?

There are more than a few reasons that a person may want to consider resizing a ring they have. One example would be if their fiancé purchased a ring that was too big or too small. Or, if the individual has lost or gained weight and the ring no longer fits properly, sizing is necessary.

Another reason will be if the person wants to put their ring on a finger other than the one it was sized for initially.

The good news is that resizing is something that can be done for most rings. In fact, most jewelers will offer this service, and Adina’s Jewels has options for ring resizing. Before dashing off to the local jewelry store, though, there are a few essential things to keep in mind.

1. Resizing the Ring to Make it Bigger

If a person’s finger is a size six, but the dream ring is a size five, the owner should have it sized up. There are two basic options to increase the size of the ring.

One option is to add extra metal to the band. To do this, the ring’s shank has to be cut, and a bridge of gold (or another metal) is necessary to make the ring larger. The jeweler doing this will pull the two sides of the ring apart and then add a bridge by soldering the additional metal in place.

The other option to make the ring larger is to stretch the ring. This is done by stretching the current ring shank. This is a method that involves stretching it by pulling it apart and causing it to elongate. When this method is used, even a very small mistake can cause irreparable damage to the ring. The majority of jewelers will try to avoid having to use this method because it will cause the ring to become weaker, and it may even change the overall look of the ring.

2. Resizing the Ring to Make it Smaller

There is only a single method available to make a ring smaller. To do this, the jeweler must cut a portion of the ring’s shank off and then join the two ends together by soldering them. The process of resizing a ring can be somewhat tricky, and this is especially the case if it is an eternity ring or a ring that has delicate gems or inset stones. A professional jeweler will be able to provide assistance resizing the ring and make it a smaller size without causing any significant damage to the structure.

However, if the ring is just slightly bigger than a person’s actual size, using ring overlays to keep it from sliding off may be a good idea. These are smart options for delicate rings that may be damaged during the resizing process. Keep in mind, though, these aren’t options for all rings, so speak to a jeweler to find out more.

3. Use a Professional to Resize a Ring

The method of resizing a ring—either up or down—is delicate. Not all jewelers are up to this task. It is a good idea to hire professionals to help with this. For example, if it is a pave or channel set ring, the diamonds or stones may become misaligned during the resizing process. Also, the prongs may become flared or can compress during the resizing process.

4. Choose the Right Jeweller for the Job

Several factors must be considered to ensure the right person to handle the ring resizing process is hired. Some tips to help with this include getting word-of-mouth referrals, visiting the locally owned jewelry stores, and learning about the resizing services offered. Also, above all else, don’t be cheap when it comes to resizing a ring. If the jeweler is offering extremely low prices, there is a reason for it. Don’t fall into this trap.

5. Quality of the Resized Ring

As mentioned above, resizing a ring is a delicate procedure regardless of if it is being sized up or down. As a result, a person needs to check the final product carefully to ensure that the desired results are achieved. When the ring is received, make sure the stones are still secure and that the shank is still solid and durable. If there are any issues, it is best to point this out to the jeweler right away for them to make repairs or changes.

6. Alternatives to Ring Resizing

Now that a person is aware of all the pros and cons related to resizing a ring, they have to consider if it is something they should do. Remember, rings will change size based on the season of the year. While the ring may fit well during the summer, it can become loose during colder weather. If this is the case, using plastic re-sizers will help to prevent any issues.

Another option is to use temporary ring guards. This is an ideal option for rings that cannot be resized. These can be worn with a ring without being too obvious or noticeable. Another option is to wear a tighter fitting ring with one that is looser fitting. The tighter ring can keep the looser one from slipping off a person’s finger.

If someone is considering an alternative to resizing, they can also maintain the integrity of the jewelry. This prevents issues and damages down the road.

Getting a Ring Resized: Is it Worth the Investment?

When it comes to resizing a ring, there are more than a few factors to keep in mind. Be sure to keep the information here in mind when making changes to a ring to ensure they are something that should be done. As anyone can see from the information above, there are several options available when it comes to rings and how to make them fit better.

In some cases, going with a less-invasive process for the ring will be beneficial and yield even better results than what could be achieved. This is going to pay off in the long run and help ensure the ring fits well and is not damaged.

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