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bistro 1847

So I’m not a vegetarian, and don’t have any intentions of turning into one any time soon, but I’m open to trying a good old vegetarian restaurant from time to time. In fact, bar my deep love for Nando’s chicken, I’m actually a huge fan of vegetarian dishes and generally seem to opt for meat-free options when I eat out in Manchester.

I pass Bistro 1847 a number of times a week, which is tucked away just off Moseley Street, and actually never knew it was a vegetarian restaurant. Perhaps I just never inspected the place closely enough. Anyway, I possibly came here on one of the best days – there was 50% off the whole menu for ‘meat free Mondays’, so I wasn’t going to complain about that.

When I’ve peeked in here before en route through the city, I often notice that the place looks fairly quiet. I would put that down to it’s location- it is pretty much tucked away behind the ‘big boy’ eateries on king street. Upon entering, I noted the interior is very minimal, but clean and modern, which I quite like although some people may think it’s a little too stripped back. The staff were attentive and welcoming as soon as I came in to tell them I’d arrived for my booking, so no negatives on the service side of things (which is always a good start…)

It was quite disappointing to see that two options on the menu weren’t available on this particular Monday, as the menu was fairly small anyway, and we were booked in for 6.45pm which is relatively early to run out of options. The waiters explained that they had ran out of the ‘winter vegetables with coconut’ dish – yep that was totally what I was going to go for. Ah well – I opted for the Winter Warmer starter instead (a soup made up of roasted parsnips and sesame oil) and ‘Merguez & Mash’ for the main. In standard terms, that meant a lentil sausages= with turnip and sage mash and onion gravy dish.

lentil sausages

The starter was delicious – nothing to fault – just a really nice warming soup that made me feel really healthy to be consuming a bowl of vegetables. When it came to the main meal, I have to say although it sounds an unusual option, it was a really yummy meal. A little strange to see lentils being fried in crispy batter and called sausages though. And, I actually didn’t feel very healthy eating this, as it may as well have been something ordered from a Chinese takeaway with it resembling fried spring rolls but stuffed with lentils. They tasted really nice though – just not what I expected I guess. Good job I’m not on a major health kick for January!

To comment on the mash and gravy; they were faultless. A really nice twist to the normal mash and gravy you get elsewhere, and I would want to see this type of thing appear on more menus, so hats off there.

I didn’t get a dessert but my friends who did all seemed to enjoy them.. The Chestnut Pie looked incredible and apparently didn’t taste too sweet, so if I was to go back I’d venture out and go for that. Apart from that nothing else seemed to jump out at me, but possibly because I’m a big cake lover and everything else was much more ice cream, fruit or cheese focused.

Prices were reasonable – obviously prices were a little better than reasonable on this particular day with having 50% off – but on a general evening you are looking at 2 courses for £19.50 which is what you would expect in Manchester.

To say there aren’t many dedicated vegetarian eateries in Manchester City Center, I quite like this one and would recommend it to any vegetarians looking for a place to eat out. However, there could have a more extensive menu on offer and maybe focus some of the dishes to be slightly more healthier.

bistro 1847
bistro 1847

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