Beauty: 90 Days To Natural Beauty

I’ve blogged a couple of posts throughout January so far about hair and beauty goals, featuring a number of my personal aims to try and look after myself more in 2016. It sounds really cliché, but the start of a brand new year really is an ideal time to set yourself well-being goals, starting on a clean slate and making those healthy lifestyle resolutions.

The cheeky little selfie I posted above is me over the weekend waking up to a breakfast of a chopped banana, banana protein powder from MyProtein, soya milk, flaxseed and ice shaken up to create a breakfast protein shake. Start as I mean to go on and all…

This year, I’m shifting my focus from looking good to living good, which means not just focusing on the external elements of myself (using better hair products, better cleansing products and more effective make-up) but making little lifestyle changes that will benefit my overall mood and performance.

I owe myself that much – I’m constantly running around the place like a headless chicken day in day out, shunning important things like drinking water, sleeping, meditating and giving my body the best nutrition.

In today’s post, I’ll leave the idea sharing to the true experts of natural beauty that are Holland and Barrett, as they have put together this fantastic infographic which highlights how to get yourself to your most utmost beautiful you. And again, not just externally, as the 90 day beauty planner includes all sorts of health tips and lifestyle changes to make you a much more healthier person too.

Take a look and see if it helps set some goals for you…

natural beauty calendar

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