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pancakes and coffee
For those who often read my blog or follow me on social media, you’ll be more than aware that I have an absolute obsession with eating out. I may only look tiny, but I sure can tuck my food away, enjoying nothing more than lunching out or booking in to a lovely restaurant on a weekend evening. However, it can obviously be a pricey ‘hobby’, so I’m often one of those who tries to search out the best food offers and deals in and around Manchester. 2 for 1 and 50% off promotions are by far the most beneficial – but where do you start trying the find the best ones?

I recently joined Gourmet Society, which is a members society providing all the best discounts and offers when it comes to dining out. When you sign up, you become a member either through your own Gourmet Society card, or via a digital in-app membership. It basically lets you search from so many eateries – from Michelin-starred fine dining establishments to national chains and local family favourites – to see what offers they currently run for Gourmet Society members. Then, you just chose your favourite, go along, and enjoy 2 for 1, 50% off or 25% off the total bill.

So what happened when I- Manchester’s most food loving blogger (in my opinion!) – was let loose with the Gourmet Society card for 24 hours? I had a full on busy day last week, which needed lots of food and coffee breaks, so here is how I filled my tummy…

Breakfast and brunch
I’m annoying when it comes to breakfast, as I can be quite picky with certain breakfast items. I’m not a huge fan of eggs, and bacon/sausages are sometimes are bit too ‘meaty’ first thing in the morning. But give me a stack of pancakes and a soya latte and I’m over the moon! I started my day at an American style diner near the Manchester University area of the city, called Grand Daddy’s Diner. I was there for a brunch meeting, so the 2 for 1 offer was more than handy!

During the afternoon, I was around the South Manchester area, and wanted to indulge in a bit of junk-food-type lunch to keep me going. It was a Friday, and we are totally allowed to be unhealthy on a Friday lunchtime, right? I tucked into a fried chicken burger with lots of sauces and fries on the side at Bourbon and Black, another American style eatery. I am such a sucker for fried chicken, and this gem of a meal kept me fueled up for a busy afternoon. Although I put this little Gourmet Society challenge forward as a Manchester thing, I then had to shoot off to Liverpool in the evening, but I of course continued the dining out challenge and found myself a great little place to indulge in an evening meal, taking advantage of the 2 for 1…

Myself, my mum and my sister arrived at Liverpool’s Amalia Italian restaurant for a bit of pasta and pizza before heading out for the evening. I am such an Italian fan – I sometimes think I could literally dine on Italian cuisine all day everyday and never get fed up. Amalia is a cute little independent restaurant hidden away off the main road, situated in a pretty little square. We shared two starter dishes, and then I opted for a sun-dried tomato and prawn ravioli main course, and my sister ordered an amazing four season pizza, with a mixture of toppings. My Mum went for the traditional lasagna, which was made with real authentic thick pasta sheets, definitely a ‘proper’ version. A pleasant atmosphere in this busy and bustling eatery, and the 2 for 1 very much came in handy split between three of us…

amalia liverpool
amalia liverpool
amalia liverpool
amalia liverpool
If you like to dine out, no matter what city you live in, then I’d recommend checking out Gourmet Society – especially if you like to save like I do! It just comes in handy for those days you may wonder around a city center and feel a bit peckish, but want to make sure you pop into somewhere that can offer worthwhile discounts. You can take a look online whenever you are out and about, and if you find that your favourite restaurant runs a 50% offer, you really are winning!

Hopefully I’ll find some other great deals for this upcoming weekend. Such a greedy girl!

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  1. Kali filsell
    May 4, 2016 / 10:22 am

    Looks amazing Emma

    • whatemmadid
      May 4, 2016 / 12:45 pm

      Thank you!

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