Fitness: How to stay in shape when travelling

byron bay

Travel is usually an excuse for most of us to kick back, chill out, eat whatever we like and do very little in the way of exercise. As I’ve mentioned various times on the blog, I travelled and lived in Sydney, but somehow got in the mind-frame of throwing away all the excuses, and really stepped up my fitness. For those of you who may be heading to Bondi Beach this summer (I’m too jealous), fitting in a spot of exercise during your trip is essential.

Life is all about balance, and holidays are no exception to the rule. On the one hand you are there to have fun, but on the other, eating cheese fries and burgers every night, washed down with copious amounts of tequila, is hardly good for your figure. So aside from investing in some premium luggage from, what else do you need to pack to keep in shape?

The fitness accessories you pack will depend on what exercise you enjoy doing – if ‘enjoy’ is the right word. Runners will need a pair of running shoes; yoga queens will need a pair of yoga pants and a yoga mat. Even a kid’s skipping rope is a cool fitness accessory if you are short on space, plus you can use it as a temporary washing line at a push! It all comes down to thinking of the little ways to utilise equipment in a practical way…

So if you need some motivational ideas to help you work off all that sticky fried rice and local vino, here are some holiday-friendly keep-fit ideas. (Photos all from m Australian travels!)

bondi beach
beach run

Sunrise Run
Running is not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you are a regular jogger, make time to fit in an early morning run a few times. It is an amazing feeling watching the sun rise as you jog along the beach, so don’t miss out on this wonderful experience.

Sightseeing Bike Ride
Instead of hiring a car to see the local sights, hire a bicycle instead. You will see a lot more from the seat of a bike, plus its great exercise. Many little coves and beauty spots are tucked away off the beaten track, but on a bike they are more accessible. Don’t forget, too, that bicycle hire is a lot cheaper than car hire.

blue mountains
blue mountains
blue mountains
Scenic Hike
Check out the local beauty spots and take a hike. A few hours spent hiking should yield some amazing views and top photo opportunities. Don’t forget to take a water bottle and some insect repellent if the weather is hot and sticky.

Water Sports
When you have a pool or the sea within easy reach, make the most of this golden opportunity to stay fit. Swim laps or try a new water sport. Surfing or body boarding is great fun and good for the core. Even swimming to the pool bar is better than nothing.

byron bay
Pool Exercise Classes
Resort hotels often run exercise classes in or out of the pool, so rather than lying on a sun lounger laughing at those who take part, join in. You might actually enjoy it!

If none of the above appeals, try doing some high intensity exercises in your hotel room or apartment. The plank, burpees, push-ups, sit-ups and squats can all be fitted into a ten minute slot. YouTube videos are great for this, as they let you join in with the video, and I always find a little guidance helps.

Just remember: the more exercise you do, the less guilty you will feel when eating late-night pizza and drinking bottles of beer when in those travelling hostels!

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