Five Changes to Make in Your Home to Alleviate Dust Allergies

Having an allergy to dust can be more debilitating than you realise. However, there are things that you can do within your house to improve the situation. Continue reading for five changes you should consider making.

Banish the carpet

Carpet feels lovely under your feet. However, it is also the perfect home for dust. You could vacuum every single day, twice a day perhaps, and still, it would be impossible to rid your home of the dust even with professional deep cleaning. The thick pile, regardless of the type of carpet, will trap the dust. Changing the carpet to laminate flooring or real wood will vastly improve the situation.

You can see the dust settle on this flooring and it is easy to vacuum it away or use a damp cloth or mop. Avoid having rugs and mats too as these hold the dust in the same way carpets do.


The more ornaments and trinkets you have, the harder it is to keep on top of the dusting. Stop and think before you bring another memento into the house. Is it really necessary to keep your collection of 2000 pigs just because you were obsessed with them as a teenager? Even dusting weekly, having to clean an army of pigs, for example, would add so much extra time onto your cleaning regime.

Aside from that, having piles of newspapers or magazines will trap dust too. Try to keep things stored away inside cupboards and drawers if you really need to keep them rather than on display.


Beds can harbour dust and dust mites causing allergies to worsen. It is vital to wash bedding on a regular basis. Furthermore, investing in hypoallergenic cushions, duvets and mattress toppers will prevent allergens from building up so easily. Great mattress toppers like the Panda, review here, can help to reduce sneezing, wheezing and other symptoms associated with dust allergies.

Don’t forget to use protectors as well to prevent the pillows and mattresses themselves from being infiltrated. Mattresses ought to be cleaned regularly and replaced every six to eight years.


Before buying a new item of furniture, stop and think. Beds with fabric bases and upholstered headboards are far from ideal and challenging to clean. Just as detailed earlier with regard to carpets, they trap the dust and can make it tricky to get rid of it all. Furthermore, people often forget to vacuum surfaces other than the floor. Likewise, when it comes to purchasing a new sofa, buying one made from leather is preferable as it can be wiped down easily. There is no pile in which dust can become lodged.

Check toy labels

Soft toys can be another place that dust gets trapped easily. Before purchasing any for yourself or your children, always read the labels. If they can be washed in the machine, these are certainly much better for your health than ones which cannot.

Be sure to check the temperature at which they can be laundered too. Although a low temperature is much better for the environment, higher ones help allergy sufferers more.

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