Fitness: Experiencing Spinning at Spin Factory, Manchester

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To be pretty precise – spinning is possibly one of the most challenging workouts I have done over the past couple of years. It doesn’t fill me with absolute dread, like how training for a 10k run would make me feel, but I do feel slightly anxious thinking about all the strain I’ll be putting on my legs during an intense 30 minute session. After all, that’s what it is, a solid hardcore workout purely isolating those leg muscles.

Luckily, I do a lot of cardio during the week, so when I first climbed onto my spin bike at Manchester’s Spin Factory – a dedicated spin venue facing Salford Central station – I was filled with adrenalin and pumped to go.

However, although my gym loving self is often busting the moves on the treadmill, cross trainer, rowing machine and all sorts of cardiovascular machines; the exercise and spin bikes are the ones I’ll swiftly walk past without a second glance.


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So lets see just how good spinning as a workout really is. With Spin Factory hosting enough bikes to accommodate almost 60 spinners at one time, it’s now one of the biggest indoor cycling venues around, offering contract free attendance and pay-per-ride options. People love flexibility and ease with contracts and classes, so I’m pretty sure these options will go down a treat.

I headed along on a freezing cold Thursday evening with Yelp – a website (and app) I’m actively involved with, which connects people with local businesses. Yelp Manchester is a super fun community where locals like myself review and advise their thoughts on all local amenities in and around the city.

I use it a lot for checking in to bars and restaurants, and usually putting together a lengthy review of the venue after it. If I’ve just drank the nicest Pornstar Martini of my life, I want people who really care to know about it.

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Users can snap away at their ‘food porn’ and post their enticing photos on the app, or if you have had a truly bad experience with a business in Manchester, then it’s the ideal platform to voice your anger. I’ve been Yelping for around 9 months now (my profile can be checked out here), and often attend the Yelp socials and events put together in the city, which are great for trying out new places I might never consider trying out myself. Such as spinning! So well done Yelp for bringing us here…

As part of detox January, a group of us from Yelp decided to give our bodies that fitness kick by experiencing what Spin Factory has to offer.

None of us were spin pro’s – so there was no feeling intimidated by each other – and manager Ross Sommers gave us all a guided tour of the place and a little run-down on what to expect. He helped us all set up our bikes properly, which was much needed as I had absolutely no idea how far away from the handle bars I should be.

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From as little as ten minutes into the session, I realised just how much fun this class was. The music was dancey with loud beats, making the workout much more appealing, plus there were disco lights, and an overall positive vibe from the entire class. Who said working out can’t be fun?

spin factory
The main thing that I loved about taking on this class was that the health benefits are so appealing – one 30 min session done correctly can help you burn between 400- 500 calories – and you don’t have to take your bum off the seat to achieve that either!

Regular spinning is also said to be amazing for fat burning and weight management, while toning up your legs, bum and core muscles. A winner all round then.

spin factory

You can find the Spin Factory on New Bailey Street in Machester, with classes taking place early in the morning as before work sessions, and also from 6pm to offer after work sessions.

All photos courtesy of Yelp and Lucas Smith Photography


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