Fashion: Trendy Ankle Boots of 2016

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Now that summer is nearly over, I’m starting to get planning pulling together outfits to take me through the colder months. Given that the weather can change overnight in this part of the world, I’m not the type of shopper that waits for one season to end, and another to start.

You’ll not catch me tottering along in the rain wearing high heel sandals, and a flimsy summer dress, desperately trying to find something warm to wear. I prefer to be prepared, so I tend to start my winter fashion shopping a little earlier than most people do.

As you know, ankle boots are one of my autumn wardrobe staples.  Every year, I buy at least one new pair, and 2016 will be no different. I wear them with everything: tights and a dress, skinny jeans, leggings… they suit pretty much everything if you pick the right pair. So for me, the search for the perfect pair is well and truly on!


ankle boots asos a

Style and substance

This year, the choice is amazing. There really is something for everyone. If you’ve been searching for that perfect pair of little ankle boots, you will easily find them. The other thing I have noticed is that the quality is improving with footwear year after year. Most designers have opted to work in leather, so provided you look after them your boots will look good all season long. This shiny pair below in an electric colour are on my wish list for September…

ankle boots asos

Black is back

I love black clothes, it’s my colour of choice for both clothing and accessories. So it’s a given that I like black boots. They go well with most of my wardrobe, and always look smart. There are plenty around, including some lovely suede and patent numbers. Although this year, most designers have opted to produce leather boots that feature a high gloss finish. I’ve seen plenty of tan shades, as well as grey boots, deep browns and autumnal warm tones. I tend to think it’s more beneficial to stick to a classic ‘all round’ colour when it comes to boots, as the aim is to find a timeless pair that will take you into the Spring effortlessly.


Its also nice to see designers considering comfort more. For those of you who need a wide fit, you’ll notice there is more choice than ever before. It is now relatively easy to pick up EEE sizes if that’s what you need. If you like cushion soles, you are also in luck because many manufacturers are incorporating them into their footwear. They provide flexibility as well as providing an effective barrier between your foot and the cold ground. An important consideration if you commute and have to spend time queuing for transport outside.

asos ankle boots d
ankle boots asos d

Pretty ankle boots

As you know, I like to wear ankle boots with dresses as well as with trousers and jeans, so I need them to look pretty, feminine and cute. The style this year is more muted than in the past, but its still possible to pick up feminine looking ankle boots. I couldn’t really find too many with shiny buckles or chains, but some pairs feature nice touches like fringes or textured fraying, or patent leather panels. Fringing was such a huge trend for the Summer, that I’d actually quite like to take it through to the Winter…

ankle boots asos b
ankle boots asos c

If you’re looking for ankle boots, my suggestion is that you get out there and shop for them now. Doing so ensures that you can shop the entire range, rather than having to pick through what is left, late in the season, or even worse, odd bits from the sale. Autumn/Winter fashion comes into the stores from August so there’s no time like the present to grab the latest fashions!

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