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When I first started out my blogger journey almost 7 years ago, I had the most relaxed attitude to photography. This wasn’t due to being lazy, or not being interested in pretty photography, but more due to the fact it was 7 sweet years ago, and the only ‘cool’ thing to do was use those bog standard digital cameras or try to take quick snaps from my BlackBerry (which wasn’t popular for it’s amazing camera facilities).

Fast forward to the current day, and beauty and fashion bloggers use photography as the their ‘holy grail’. The correct photography can completely transform the look and appearance of a blog, making it look much more profession, pretty, and visually pleasing for readers. I have to admit, a lot of my own personal favourite bloggers are those with stunning photography, making me envious of their adventures, houses, and life in general.

For those of you who know about, will know that I have a little dress boutique alongside the blog. Below is just a snippet of some of the photography I have invested in since launching over a year ago…

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I could have tried to ‘imitate’ this myself with a tripod and professional camera, which I now own. But my tripod and SLR just isn’t enough when you really need to make that lasting impression, and impact on readers (and customers!).

The fact I went head first with a professional photographer, a proper studio, and expert editing means I’m confident within my little boutique, and feel like all the visual elements are handled. So now, especially that my blog seems to be growing when it comes to beauty posts and tutorials, I’m looking into using professional photography within my beaut posts.

With the right type of head shots and close-ups from a professional, I know my posts will be enhanced and further my chances of collaborating with some of the bigger names in beauty.

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For this, I have been using bidvine to help me search for an ideal photographer to suit my requests, and to help me obtain reasonable quotes. You can search bidvine on your handset, or or a desktop – whichever suits you best. I’ve been using it on my iPhone to have a little look at who can carry out professional head shots.


However, just because I’ve been looking at photography for professional blog and website photography, it doesn’t mean that’s all it is aimed for. Bidvine lets your search photographers and obtain quotes from a range of areas: baby, wedding, model – you name it. It’s as easy as search – get quotes- pick one- job done!

Capture 2

Capture 1
As you can see from above, I’ve been obtaining a number of quotes through email, which has enabled me to weigh up what is important for me, do a little bit of research into the results, and pick my desired photographer.

A very handy thing to know for if you need to search for photographers yourself…

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