Fashion: The Fashion Brands to Watch in 2017

The fashion industry is an ever changing industry, with new up and coming designers entering the market daily. I love discovering all the classic designers and spying the new designs, but in particularly, I like being in the know about the more accessiable brands.

In 2016 we saw the entry of some exciting new brands, and the exit of some old classics, leaving people to wonder what was to come in 2017. So, whilst we are almost half way through the year: what fashion brands should you keep an eye out for in 2017?

Nasty Girl

Nasty Girl is an American fashion label that went bankrupt in 2016, after being named one of the fastest growing retailers in 2012. However, the troubled times for the once sought after brand have now ended, with the British brand BooHoo buying it and producing designs under their umbrella. You might be famila with the brand from the popular book #Girlboss – know the oone?

Keep an eye out for some of the clothes they will produce in 2017, as they are sure to take off again, especially under the reigns of BooHoo.


Speaking of, BooHoo is one of the fastest growing online retailers. Based in Britain, (Manchester in fact, my home town!) they ship to countries internationally, making them a global success. Due to its international influence, the clothes sold on BooHoo are aimed at a varied market, ensuring people from all demographics, shapes, sizes and budgets can find something they are searching for.

Saying that, I usually find BooHoo relatively affordable, although sometimes the quality can reflect the price. All clothes are purchased from the website and are delivered straight to your door. Depending on where in the world you reside, you may even be eligible for next day delivery.

BooHoo may not be ‘new’, but they are set for even bigger things this year, with kids wear soon to launch!

Forever 21

Hailing from America, this California based apparel store has over 600 stores across U.K., Americas, Asia and the Middle East. Aimed at the younger generation, prices are relative low, and quality is fairly reasonable. Students also receive a 10 percent discount with coupons from Using the coupon code ensures the already low prices are only dropped further, and promises to save you money.

From my experience with Forever 21, they are particular hot on fast fashion and the latest trends, so you’ll find all your trendy slogan tee’s, your catwalk inspired prints, and stylish cuts and finishing. A great one for students who want to look on-trend and fashionable without forking out tonnes of money.

Ivanka Trump

A name you’ll no doubt hear in the press a lot lately! Ivanka has her own clothing range, and regardless of what one may think of her husband, Donald Trump, there’s no denying the clothes she produces have made American’s feel great again. Ivanka Trump is known for her sophisticated dress sense, you have to admit she always looks good. I was skeptical about this range at first, but with being First Lady and always being in the spotlight, her influence has sure rubbed off.

With a combination of tailored items and a touch of luxury, this clothing line is set to take off later this year.


Or Yeezus, Pablo, Kanye… whatever you know Kanye West as best! And he’ll possibly continue to constantly change his name so much you don’t know what to call him anymore. There is one thing that we know for sure – his fashion line Yeezy has been a hit, particularly for casual weekend wear.

Kanye West has a diverse and large following, with many fans of his wife Kim Kardashian being influenced by his fashion choices. This means his clothing label is marketed across a range of demographics and designed for the diversity in today’s society. Customers will be able to find a range of casual wear, from sweaters to sneakers.

I’d say it’s styled for the younger, ‘cooler’, music inspired generation. Those who like street wear, but still want that premium feel.

Alongside these high risers for 2017, a few other clothing brands and retailers I’m personally loving include NICCE, Cheap Monday, Little Mistress and Pretty Little Thing. I’ve known about these (and followed them!) for a while now, but feel like this year so far, they are really getting themselves out there.

Whats your favourite brand of 2017 so far?

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