Fashion: Mini, Midi or Maxi Dresses?

The midi vs mini dress saga is a long running saga of mine. I’ve found that a sleek stiletto shoe paired with a shorter length dress can work wonders for my figure and shape.

It lifts my posture and elongates my legs, therefore I literally love a good mini length dress. But, there’s a lot of hype around midi dresses lately…

However, you’ll notice over at What Emma Did Boutique, I retail a lot of midi dresses. These are another true love of mine. What I love about these is that they are so versatile and really are one of the most wearable pieces to style.

Think about it: a flat shoe or sneaker can make the midi dress look casual, cool and simple.A stiletto can make it sexier, cleaner and classic. A heeled boot can make it edgy and urban, whilst an over knee boot can give it that something extra that makes people’s heads turn.

For a lot of reasons, you should add at least one multi-use dress to your wardrobe, including saving space, time and money. But finding such a dress can be difficult.

One group of dresses you should focus on is midi dresses, or dresses coming to a length partially down your calves. Such dresses show off your ankles and part of your lower leg. Choose the length of midi dress that shows off the amount of lower leg you want to display. The more leg still visible, the taller you are likely to appear.

However, you can also gain the appearance of extra height by wearing heels with your midi dress or choosing a dress with a tighter waist or sash. If you are already tall, there is no need to avoid midi dresses. Just opt for the longest midis available and keep the heels in your closet.

Maxi dresses are more of a fashionistas dream for me. I’m a tiny 5ft3 (and a few millimetres under!) therefore I can rarely wear these unless my heels are a stacking 8 inches plus!

I have to say that my favourite dress of all time is the black embellished midi dress from the photos above, which is currently from my own collection. The best thing about these type of dresses is that they are year round classics – not only do they come in for occasions all year round, but when October kicks in, you’ve got your show stopping, timeless party dress ready right there.

Plus, with the unpredictable weather here in the UK, I feel a good old knee length dress can save the day on so many occasions. They let you get away with not wearing tights, yet you’ll never feel over dress or too exposed.

Now is a great time to shop for your favourite dresses, with all the sales and promotions that are going on. I’m off on a hen weekend holiday over the upcoming bank holiday, so I discovered a site called Price Alert, which shares the best price reductions and sales from all the top retailers.

For example, I spied some lovely dungaree style mini dresses from the Dorothy Perkins sale over on the site. Although as I was browsing, I spotted a few stylish shirts and tee’s ideal to go underneath my strappy dresses and dungarees, so I spiraled down a huge sale shopping spree!

So back to the world of  dresses. Mini dresses? Midi dresses? Maxi styles? Are you loving them all as much as I, and which cut is your favourite? Feel free to comment!

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